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February 04, 2003

People say, when are you going to update CXM? And I shall respond thusly:

I'm sitting around my house looking like a short, hairy, potbellied pirate, thanks to my shirtless nature and striped pajama pants. This is because I am confused. I want to go out to do some errands today, but that requires wearing clothing. I want to wear clothing, but almost all of my clothing sorely needs to be washed today, as I travel back to Western Massachusetts tomorrow (my new home, again). So what do I choose? Potbellied pirate.

Alternatively, I could compromise and put on a clean outfit that I just don't want to wear. This presents a dilemma, though: my errands include visiting former employers. I want to look slick for my former employers. I want to walk in and say hey, and for them to say (inwardly), "Damn, that Jason is one sly, hip cat. Why did we ever let him go?" I hear that a lot of women do this same thing when they get dumped, attempting to provoke said reaction from the new ex. At least one girl I dated tried that with me. The problem with her approach is that I am pretty much oblivious to fashion except when money is on the line. If my former employers are all, "Aww, damn," that could pan out in the future to more jobs. They could call professional contacts or other stores in their chain and say, "Listen up, homeslice. Give this Jason kid a call. He'll knock your socks off and let you keep the change."

In case you haven't put this together yourself by now, I'm mentally incapable of getting through the day without stumbling over my own indecisiveness and overactive imagination. That's kind of why I haven't drawn any comic strips in a while. Every time I come up with an idea, I meet with conflict: what style shall I draw in? Shall I use a brush or a wacom tablet? Do I really think this crap is funny? Why bother if nobody's going to read it?

I told the other guys that they're free to make comics without me till I get my act together, but they claim that they can't draw and that holds them back or something. Personally, I've always been of the mind that if you can't draw, you still aren't out of the running for making comics. But I guess if you want to make cartoony gag strips like CXM and you can't even scratch something that resembles a human, yeah, you're pretty much screwed. So instead we decided, hey, let's buy another domain and just stick any random crap there that we feel like. After a while we realized that nobody really cares about that kind of site on the web. After further consideration, however, we realized that we don't care what people think, or else we wouldn't have publicly embarassed ourselves by promising updates on a comic site and never delivering.

So here's the deal:

The plan is that we're going to start a personal site for the four of us, throw on some comics, some movies, and some prose. Maybe some other stuff as it strikes us. Why not, right? Whatever we want! Just a personal site! Most modern web comics are a hybrid form anyway as far as I'm concerned, attracting just as many fans to the creator's web log space as to the comic itself. And a web log is just a little personal site where normal folks sit down and tell you, "I had a sandwich today," or, "I'm sitting around the house looking like a shirtless pirate in leather slippers." Our aim is to make a personal site that is a little more interesting to read than that. My aim, personally, is to stick up all the tiny little projects that don't fit anywhere else, and all the ideas that need a test audience before they see actual development.

If you're reading this right now, welcome to the little test audience. Dan says that this site still gets hundreds of page hits per day or something, but I can't see how that's possible. I visit here sometimes in a lame effort to cannibalize my own old ideas and to point out the flaws in my own drawing style, but not a hundred times a day. Maybe the other guys are hiding something from me. Or maybe there really are more of you. Hey, tell you what: if you're reading this, email me at It took six months to get this site off the ground. If we find out we actually have an audience, perhaps it will take less time to launch our next project. The philosophy behind that project is that since it does not rely on any one person, it can be continued indefinitely. We have to start it first, though.

In conclusion, I'd like to admit that I had no idea what I was going to say when I sat down to write this, and I think it might have made more sense than I intended. I will end with this: I'm a pirate! Arrr!

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