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September 02, 2002

Dan somehow suckered me into driving across the country with him, and Kai somehow suckered us into making a road trip into a method of getting him back to video game school. So now I'm in Seattle and I have a beard not unlike those seen on mountain men. I have already been mistaken for "mini-sasquatch" in three states.

Kai has emailed Tycho and Gabe from Penny Arcade, the online comic that inspired us to start CXM, to invite them out to dinner with us. I've read the email Kai sent, and if Tycho and Gabe don't slap us with a restraining order, let alone go to dinner with us, then I will be impressed. Even if they do get together with us, they still might hit us or something, and I wouldn't blame them. But hey, they inspired us to make a web comic (albeit a failed web comic), so it'd be nice to watch them eat and maintain awkward, stilted conversation before playing pinball.

I'm going to go find some pants and drive to Vancouver now. I hear they have cheap sushi there.

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