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GDC journal (last updated at 1:32 PST) - (2001-03-21)

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Snow Rocks - (2001-03-07)

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Chicken Scratches - (2001-05-23)

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What's In A Name? - (2001-06-27)

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One Funky Techno Beat at a Time - (2001-09-17)

Testing games for Nintendo
(2001-06-07 - fun for profit)
Samba De Amigo
(2001-03-13 - video game)
Silent Hill
(2001-03-11 - video game)

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Dance Dance Revolution
(2001-08-13 - Addictive Game)
Haunting the TonyCave
(2001-08-13 - Hosting)
Acquiring Comics
(2001-08-13 - Money Output)

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Fellowship of the Ring
(2001-12-19 - Movie)
Roasting Chestnuts Over An Open Fire
(2001-12-18 - Yuletide Spirit)
Borders of Infinity
(2001-12-18 - Book)

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(2002-01-23 - great web site)
Storyteller Without Words (Ward)
(2002-01-23 - library book)
RA Training
(2002-01-23 - worky work work)

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May 17, 2002

It's about time one of us said something, isn't it?

We apologize for the ridiculously long span where nothing has been posted here. As you probably guessed, college and other projects got in the way, and we just couldn't keep up with this comic and web site. Personally, most of my comics-related energy went into a 98-page thesis and running the UMass Comic Art Society and its anthology, Penny Dreadful. After I graduate (which is soon) I'm planning on writing a little essay about CXM for those who are interested in why things have stopped happening around here.

There will be new content on this site at some point -- I can't say what kind of new content yet because we haven't decided. The archive will still be here whatever the case, and it's pretty safe to say you can expect to see more comics, essays, and other fun stuff here at some point. Feel free to email us if you'd like to ask questions, bounce ideas off us, harass us, or offer us piggyback rides (because I'll be DAMNED if I couldn't go for a piggyback ride right about now). Thanks for keeping up with us!

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