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Dance Dance Revolution
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Acquiring Comics
(2001-08-13 - Money Output)

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Fellowship of the Ring
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Roasting Chestnuts Over An Open Fire
(2001-12-18 - Yuletide Spirit)
Borders of Infinity
(2001-12-18 - Book)

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Daniel Clowes's David Boring
(2001-11-26 - graphic novel)
Thesis: Mainstream Recognition of Comics
(2001-11-26 - schoolwork)
Starting a Comic Creators Club
(2001-09-13 - campus activity)

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December 25, 2001

The Time has come. By 8:00 PM (eastern) today, you should be able to see a new CXM strip by clicking here.

Today is the one year anniversary of CXM opening its (metaphorical) doors to the public. It's been something of a rocky path at times, but it has been fun making comics. I feel like I should have more of a speech ready, or more words of wisdom handy, but I don't, really. It's fun making comics. It's hard, too. Keep coming back to the site and we'll keep you updated on what comics we're making (for one thing, I personally have to draw a bunch of comics before the end of the month for other projects, and I'll be putting those online somewhere sooner or later). In fact, enter your email address above and you'll be the first to know next time a CXM strip updates. For more specific news about our erratic update schedule and oh-so-wacky lives, this news box is the place to be. Sounds good? If not, let us know what would sound good.

Happy holidays, all...

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