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December 09, 2001

In case you missed the last news post, be aware that a new comic HAS been drawn -- but just in time for finals, so nobody really has time to color it right now. It ought to be posted in the next couple weeks though. Our one year anniversary is coming up this Christmas, and we aim to have a new comic up before that anniversary.

As I explained in the last two news posts, I haven't really had a lot of time to draw (though I mentioned some recent drawings two news posts ago). So lately, when I have been in my room and work has hurt my head, I have taken to posting in the "Reinventing Comics" forum over at Zwol, another web comic. These forums are for discussing the evolution of comics, at times with a focus on "comics theory" -- I guess the idea is, if we can dissect the idea of comics, we can make better comics, change the public perception of comic books, destroy our foes, conquer distant planets, etc. This forum was founded to expand upon and discuss ideas popularized by Scott McCloud in his books Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics. I am all for pushing comics more into the cultural mainstream, but of even more personal importance, I just find talking about this kind of stuff interesting, so I've been frequenting this forum.

Recently the creator of Zwol posted a message with the intent of reaching, once and for all, a single answer for a challenging question: "how do we define comics?" Scott McCloud makes an interesting case for defining comics as "juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence," but (despite how much I admire his work) I personally find that a little limiting in some aspects, and far too broad in others. Anyway, I visit this little thread with unreasonable frequency, as I happen to be writing a final paper on this very topic for a graduate class I'm taking now in Comparative Literature. I have to give a 30 minute presentation on this Monday, which is why I'm posting this for Sunday -- if you have any interest in discussing the definition of comics, I encourage you to check out this thread, because the conversation is really helping me determine what to say in my paper and a diversity of opinions is a good thing. Plus I happen to know that CXM has a very literate and intelligent audience, who would never let me down if I sucked up enough. Did I mention how good that shirt looks on you?

See you again soon.

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