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December 03, 2001

So, I drew a comic strip. Finally. The thing that I started in August (which was supposed to be the second to last strip in a series of Asian pop culture themed strips), completed at the end of November. Now it's in the hands of a trusty CXM colorist, just in time for finals, just in time for him to have no time to do it.

And here I am, up at 1:30 AM, struggling to write a chapter of my thesis on the mainstream recognition of comic books. Somehow I have to write 80 some odd pages' worth of papers before December 14th, and already I'm up later than my body wants me to be. While it's not uncommon for me to be up late at the last minute doing a paper, there's a specific reason why I saved this bit for the last minute: I spent three afternoons working on a comic strip that I would have otherwise spent on thesis research.

That pretty much encapsulates why I haven't drawn all semester. My entire semester has been like this. Any time I spend drawing is time that is taken away from work that I absolutely must get done. And while I do putter around and veg out more than I probably ought to, that's kind of "battery recharge" time for me. It's easier to cut out the drawing than it is to cut out the recharging.

But I really, really wanted to draw when I got back to school after Thanksgiving break. I couldn't stand not to draw. So for three consecutive afternoons, I drew instead of studied, and then hurried off to evening commitments like RA staff meetings and the like. This strip isn't the best thing I've ever drawn, but it took me a really, really long time because I wanted to get it something close to right.

And now, loyal readers, there will be some more waiting, because it's still not done yet. But it will be a briefer period of waiting than what has just passed.

I would like to draw another, easier to color strip, just so we can get something up on the site. But I'm not sure that anybody has time to color that anyway, and I know that I spent more time than I had to spend on drawing.

By the way, next semester I'm taking the minimal number of credits, enrolling in a drawing class (I hope), and (crossing fingers, wishing on a star) doing lots and lots of comics. Some of them for CXM.

Thanks for sticking with us. And by the way, I think we might have some new columns on the way, too -- stay tuned.

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