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Kai - Le Kommunique:
GDC journal (last updated at 1:32 PST) - (2001-03-21)

Tony - Digital Garbage:
Snow Rocks - (2001-03-07)

Dan - The Word:
Chicken Scratches - (2001-05-23)

Jason - The Gospel According To Bigfoot:
What's In A Name? - (2001-06-27)

Guest - Jared Goldberg:
One Funky Techno Beat at a Time - (2001-09-17)

Testing games for Nintendo
(2001-06-07 - fun for profit)
Samba De Amigo
(2001-03-13 - video game)
Silent Hill
(2001-03-11 - video game)

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Dance Dance Revolution
(2001-08-13 - Addictive Game)
Haunting the TonyCave
(2001-08-13 - Hosting)
Acquiring Comics
(2001-08-13 - Money Output)

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Filming a Mockumentary
(2001-11-27 - Final Project)
Week of Hell
(2001-11-26 - Uh...hellish?)
Looking for a Job
(2001-11-26 - Silly Real Worl)

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Daniel Clowes's David Boring
(2001-11-26 - graphic novel)
Thesis: Mainstream Recognition of Comics
(2001-11-26 - schoolwork)
Starting a Comic Creators Club
(2001-09-13 - campus activity)

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November 28, 2001

Quick update:

There will be a new CXM strip. "Soon" is a relative term, so I'll just let you enter your name in the email notification box above if you want to know the minute it's uploaded.

I just updated Robots and Spacemen, which will soon no longer be accessible through I did not post a new R+S strip, but I linked to some drawings I've done recently, so head on over there if you're interested in checking them out.

Oh, fine, I'll show you one here, but just one. Here's the lovable Tony.

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