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September 17, 2001

Hey you. Yeah, I'm talkin' to you. Sit down. Take a load off. Long time, no see! But don't worry, CXM is back in the hizouse. Bah, bloody spell checker! "Hizouse" is a perfectly acceptable word in the official Kai Curtis lexicon. Anyway, we are indeed here, and ready to provide you with a semblance, and sadly only a semblance, of entertainment. We do not have a strip for you today, though hopefully we should be seeing one shortly, but we do have a couple extra treats for you, to tide you over until the filling, delicious main course.

First up is our friend and, dare we give him the title, "colleague" Jared Goldberg, a man who bears a resemblance that can only be described as uncanny to one of our own. Jared, like many of us, has a problem. This problem is a particularly devious one, lurking under the main currents of society to tug down unsuspecting upstanding citizens with its terrible claws of death. That problem is Dance Dance Revolution.

But does he seek help? Do his friends stage an intervention to save him from this horrible fate? Does he loose himself from this devastating influence that threatens the very fabric of our civilization?

Nope. He just wants to get you hooked too. Read on...if you dare.

The next gift which you should beware us bearing comes to us from our very own Tony. Tony has labored long and hard to bring you a production of the utmost quality, of practically cinematic proportions. Spielberg's A.I. pales in comparison. Lucas's Attack of the Clones is no match. All will, in time, fear the wrath of Tony's robots.

That's all for today. If you clap your hands together and hope hard enough, we may be back later this week with another update for you. Take care of yourselves.

Dan wishes you all a happy week.

Quote of the Day: "I don't... feel drunk."

-Guy Pearce, Memento

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