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Kai - Le Kommunique:
GDC journal (last updated at 1:32 PST) - (2001-03-21)

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Snow Rocks - (2001-03-07)

Dan - The Word:
Chicken Scratches - (2001-05-23)

Jason - The Gospel According To Bigfoot:
What's In A Name? - (2001-06-27)

Guest - Jared Goldberg:
A Rant and a Challenge - (2001-07-04)

Testing games for Nintendo
(2001-06-07 - fun for profit)
Samba De Amigo
(2001-03-13 - video game)
Silent Hill
(2001-03-11 - video game)

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Dance Dance Revolution
(2001-08-13 - Addictive Game)
Haunting the TonyCave
(2001-08-13 - Hosting)
Acquiring Comics
(2001-08-13 - Money Output)

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Abusing Freshmen
(2001-08-25 - Fun for Profit!)
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
(2001-08-24 - Movie)
(2001-08-05 - Movie)

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Jason Lutes's Berlin
(2001-09-05 - comic book)
Classes Start
(2001-09-05 - college life)
RA Training
(2001-08-26 - work)

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September 05, 2001

Hi all. As pre-semester RA duties wind down, I expect to have more time to draw. There will be another strip soon enough -- maybe not this upcoming Monday or Wednesday, but I'm shooting for one of those days. Thanks for all your patience. Now I'm going to go start my first day of classes, which should prove to be mind-boggling, or something. I dunno. I just woke up because one of my residents locked himself out of his room, so please forgive me for these incoherent ramblings.

Again, email us with your thoughts about the comic -- particularly if you think it would be ok if we recycled old art to make new strips from time to time. Thanks for your input!

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