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(2001-03-11 - video game)

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Haunting the TonyCave
(2001-08-13 - Hosting)
Acquiring Comics
(2001-08-13 - Money Output)

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Abusing Freshmen
(2001-08-25 - Fun for Profit!)
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
(2001-08-24 - Movie)
(2001-08-05 - Movie)

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RA Training
(2001-08-26 - work)
Legal Action Comics
(2001-08-12 - comic anthology)
Back In The Boston Area
(2001-07-30 - hooray)

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August 27, 2001

Sorry today's news post is a bit late. Maybe one of the other guys will feel like writing something a little more extensive than this, but I figured I should at least say "sorry about the lateness."

A lot of people have been IMing me and telling me that I should get off my rear and make the weekly funny. I have tried my best to politely reply that I'm in the middle of RA training right now and I am working 13 hour days; it is expected that I will use my "free time" (a term which has become something of a joke to me) to do RA stuff, like make informational bulletin boards, do inventories of the rooms on my floor, make decorations for all the doors in my hall, plan my first floor meeting, make my room look presentable (ha), and so on. It is slow-going and time-consuming, and I really have no time to draw, so sorry about the delay. "We Wish We Were Asian" Month is not cancelled, but perhaps extended, or altered, as it were ... more on that later, I'm sure.

Now the big question on my mind is: would you rather have new comics with reused art (even just new comics used to explain our lateness), or no comic at all until I can get to drawing something half decent looking? Let us know, please.

In the meantime, remember the words of John Brooks: "Rock on with Decepticons."

August 27, 2001

Hey! Long time, no see. So, I'm here to provide you with the latest status of this wacky world we call Comics Ex Machina. Over the last few weeks, you may have noticed a dearth of what are referred to in the web comics biz as "strips." The raeson for this is that Jason, our mild-mannered artist, has been trapped in the fires of Hades for the last couple weeks (read: R.A. training), and has been unable to put pen to paper in fear of being whipped into submission like the miserable slave he is. He sends his regards.

Meanwhile, I've been in training myself, as well as working for my job, which is, of course, working for The Man (I'm sorry, Tony, but the offer was just so sweet). In addition to that, I keep realizing I have to turn in a manuscript for my first writing class on Thursday. A manuscript, which I have to add, I haven't written. So at the moment, I think it's safe to say that our priorities have been re-jiggered.

Thus, to this end, August has officially been redubbed "We Wish We Were On Time Month." We're going to do our damndest to get the other few strips we had (and trust me, they're doozies) out in the next few weeks, but we're sorry for the delay, and hope you'll bear with us. If you want the most cutting edge and up-to-the-minute news, join our email notification list at the top, which will mail you when there is a new strip.

Before I go, I'm gonna drop you off a couple extra links. Michael, formerly of Dr. Lobster and Steve fame, has written a guide to online comics which some in the industry might find suspiciously close to the truth. But not us of course. Nope, we aren't anything like it. Heh..heh....uh (what the hell, has he been spying on us?).

Trailer Madness: If you haven't had the chance to see the previews for K-PAX, Spy Game, or Iron Monkey, consider yourself informed.

Oh, and Kevin Smith is still the man.

Dan needs to go to work. For the Man. Unfortuantely, not undercover.

Quote of the Day:
Joseph Turner White: "You believe that?"
Ann Black: "I do if you do."
Joseph Turner White: "But it's absurd."
Ann Black: "So is our electoral process. But we still vote."
-Philip Seymour Hoffman and Rebecca Pidgeon, State and Main

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