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Updates Mondayish

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August 20, 2001

I bet you're wondering why there's no strip right now. Heck, I would be too. Didn't we say something about a guarantee to get strips out on Mondays this month -- a guarantee we have broken? Well, I am sorry that we're not on schedule, but fortunately, we had our fingers crossed. Actually, things have just been hectic (as usual) over here; the strips we have planned for the rest of the month are super complex for me to draw, and thus taking longer; and it's hard to motivate yourself to meet a guarantee when you're not getting paid. So I encourage you to send us money. Lots of money. Send to CXM care of Jason ... yeah, that's it. Just mail your whole credit card, I'll take it from there.

My best suggestion to you, though, is to join our email notification list by typing your email address into that little field above and then hitting that little button that says "Add Email" or something. We won't give your email address to anyone else (don't worry, it's not like people are clamoring to offer us money to sacrifice our teeming hordes of readers), and everyone on the list gets an email as soon as the comic is uploaded, linking directly to the comic and news post -- even if the main page hasn't updated to show all the other plebians the new comic. Oh yes, the future is nowish.

Expect the comic Wednesday. Or Friday. Or one on Wednesday and one on Friday. Who knows, we're CRAZY. But we're definitely shooting for Wednesday, and since the one for this week will probably be drawn on two pages, it might upload in two parts this week. Maybe on two different days. Maybe all on the same day. Again, not even we can say. The future is unknown to us. Except Kai, when you get enough liquor in him. Then he can tell the future, and sometimes crush whole cars with the force of his mind alone. Or he might ride across Newton late at night on a razor scooter, wearing a chef's hat. Guess which part of that actually happened?

In other news, tonight someone sent me an instant message claiming to be a 13 year old in search of AOL robots to chat with. I got John Brooks to register a screen name and pretend to be a robot, and we kept records of all the wacky fun. If the person who IMed me is reading this, please do let me know; if it was a prank, I hope you had as much fun as we did, but if it was real, I think I may pass out from laughter. Here's just a decent-sized sample, for now (with the stranger's IM name changed to protect him/her):

InstantSuperfine: do not attempt to engage argo in conversation outside the buddy chat
InstantSuperfine: I haven't configured it for that yet, and I am afraid it may cause the robot to malfunction
ARGOKILLBOT1821: [MALFUNCTION REPORT] 0% overflow. 37% parsing failure.
InstantSuperfine: what?
InstantSuperfine: argo, are you ok?
ARGOKILLBOT1821: [MALFUNCTION REPORT] 0% overflow. 37% parsing failure.
(stranger who IMed me): WELL I THINK I SHOULD GO
ARGOKILLBOT1821: [MALFUNCTION REPORT] 0% overflow. 37% parsing failure.
(stranger who IMed me): BYE
InstantSuperfine: no!
InstantSuperfine: you've destroyed EVERYTHING!
InstantSuperfine: good lord, evacuate the city!
(stranger who IMed me) has left the room.

And that's not even the end. Man, I had fun tonight.

Anyway, sorry to make you all sit tight again in wait of a new strip, but stay with us here -- this comic thing is tough, but we'll get it right, or my name isn't Phineas P. Zark, III.

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