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August 08, 2001

You demand it, and so here it comes, a fresh course of Funny, with a side of irrationality. This is the first strip in CXM's "We Wish We Were Asian" month, and we hope it meets with your approval. It doesn't, then just be warned: Neo Boston is about to E X P L O D E!

So, just an update on Monday's newspost. Yes, my car was broken into. Basically, Jason, Tony, and Judy (a friend of Jason's) went to see the movie Made (which was incidentally, excellent). We parked in Kendall Square, behind MIT, where we have parked for years to go the MIT Anime Club. We had dinner at a little cafe, and went off to the movie around 7PM. On our way back to the car, Jason picked up a CD in order to chuck it at me, then turned it over and noted that oddly, it had "Tony's CD #3" on it. Upon examination, Tony decided it was his roommate Anthony's handwriting. Jokes about parallel universes and wacky time travel adventures ensued, but as we continued, Tony suggested it was much more likely that my car had been stolen. Our pace accelerated.

We were pretty relieved to see the car there when we got back, but as we approached, I noticed that the light over the driver's seat was on. And Jason noticed a pair of sunglasses on the ground next to the car. The situation became worse as we examined it, finding that they had decided to not only steal Tony's bag, containing his brand new CD player and all his CDs, but also, for good measure, rip out my ignition, leaving a nice gaping hole in the steering column.

Overall, we all seemed to take the situation pretty well. I called the cops and my dad, and both showed up fairly promptly, along with a tow truck which took a little later. I mean, I'm upset that people would break into my car, but I've already had the ignition replaced, and it didn't even cost that much. Tony's a little worse off, and I'm pretty much more pissed that someone took his stuff than that they vandalized my car. I mean, it's just inconsiderate. I mentioned the theft to one of my bosses, usually a very soft spoken guy, who replied: "You know, that makes me angry. I mean, I just wanna sit down with the guy and ask him what he would think if I took all his stuff." Well, he said it very forcefully, and there was that subtle indication that he'd like to sit down with the guy with a baseball bat. Then again, maybe I was reading a bit much into it.

Anyway, just take it from me, kids: theft is bad. Crime doesn't pay. Because if you steal Tony's CD player, sooner or later, he's gonna find you. And it ain't gonna be pretty. So if you're out there, Mr. Thieving Man (or woman), give Tony back his stuff ASAP. Cause we're unpredictable and violent. Especially Jason.

Now that I've finished threatening people who don't even read our comic (one way to get readers), I'll say a few things about the other major news event of the week. Unless you've been living under a rock, or recently returning from Japan, you probably know by now that Uncle George has released the title of Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

If you read this strip at all, and I know you do, you know I'm a Star Wars fan. So what do I think of the new Episode II title? I'm mixed in feeling. My initial gut reaction was to hope it was a hoax, but as reality sank in, I reconsidered: as it stands now, Episode II pretty much has entirely negative hype. To an extent, I think the positive hype damaged the reaction to Episode I (Jason differs, believing it was simply a bad movie - I don't think it was par to the other Star Wars movies certainly, but I enjoyed it), and with Episode II first of all living in the shadow of The Phantom Menace, and second of all being deemed with a sci-fi B-movie sounding title, I think it has a good chance of neutralizing the inherent hype that comes with a Star Wars movie. Or at least toning it down. Sure, the title might suck, but there's a lot more to the film than just the title. I'm disappointed with the choice of the title, but I'm not gonna write off the movie on that basis alone. I like what I've seen so far from the clips on the official site, and the spoiler-free stuff I've read over at, I think it will be better than TPM.

Though some would argue that's not saying much.

See you next week. I don't know when we'll update the site; we'll shoot for Monday, but if you really wanna be in on the action, add your name to the email box at the top of the page.

Dan is going to join the mob some day. Maybe tomorrow.

Quote of the Day: "Damn, he ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3."
-Chris Tucker, Rush Hour 2 Outtakes

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