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Updates Mondayish

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August 01, 2001

What's that up in the sky? It's a bird! No, it's a plane!'s John Brooks in a brand spanking new CXM strip! Yep, the infamous Mr. Brooks, our CXM Special Presenter in Cases of Extreme Embarassment and Cowardice, has returned to plug the month of August. But not just any August, this August. Why? Because this month is CXM's "We Wish We Were Asian" month.

For those of you tuning it at home (or wasting time at work as I'm doing writing this), this means that you'll get a never before seen CXM strip every Monday for the month of August. This is guaranteed by the man with the plan, Jason. We're still deciding what the news update schedule for each week will be, but rest assured that I'll definitely be bringing you the bacon every Monday, and most likely at least once more a week. Someday we may write more columns too. Guest columns are welcome now as well, so feel free to contact us if you're interested.

In terms of this month's theme, it's pretty well known that we have an affinity for many things Asian, including Japanese animation, Hong Kong action movies, and, of course Chinese food. This month then, is a celebration of Asian culture, and you can expect to see some of our famed guest stars return, along with visits by a few new ones.

So don't forget to drop by every Monday for your weekly dose of Funny. Just in case you think you might be forgetful, I'm going to work on drafting up a notification email list which will provide you with a severe electric shock every Monday morning. Though, being Monday morning, that's pretty much redundant.

Before I leave you today, lemme give you some of the latest in interesting news tidbits for the world. I tried to describe the trailer for the latest Jet Li flick to John, Jason, and Tony, after which each of them stared at me in disbelief and awe. Here's my synopsis: "An evil Jet Li from a parallel universe is killing off every other Jet Li from every other universe." Damn, that's awesome! Or, as John put it: "So basically the entire cast is Jet Li?" You must see for yourself: get the trailer here.

I'll be back next Monday at the latest, and perhaps Friday. Don't forget to tune in on Monday for the latest in "We Wish We Were Asian" month.

Dan tried to kill the other Dans from parallel universes, but they beat him up.

Quote of the Day: "Catholic girls are scary."
-Bruce Willis, Hudson Hawk

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