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July 30, 2001

Ok, we can explain this one, really.

We DO have a strip for today, as promised. But, uh, as of now, it's not posted on this site, which doesn't do you fine folks much good. You see, we tried hooking my scanner up to Tony's computer so we could scan the sucker, color it, and post it, and his computer was making funny beeping noises in no time. Now his CD drive doesn't work, I think, another casualty in the battle to bring you Funny.

We'll try to get the comic up later today, as soon as humanly possible. Please don't hit uas or anything. That ought to be accompanied with a new news post too, since this one is pretty uninteresting and a little depressing. Would it help if I mentioned dancing monkeys?

That reminds me: we just watched Planet of the Apes (the new one) the other night. I think that movie's a lot more fun when you see in in a theater full of people who laugh like middle schoolers at all every line that can be interpreted as a dirty joke.

Anyway, other fascinating things transpired this weekend. Maybe some day they will become strips, the stuff of legend. Or maybe someone will tell you about them in the next news post. Who knows. I dunno, I'm having trouble being funny, since I'm really tired. Yeah. Golly, I need sleep. Tired like a pig. I'm a piggy! A piggy! Oink!

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