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July 27, 2001

Yet another week draws to a close, and a weekend of fun-filled escapades loom just over the horizon. We're completing our two weeks of Funny deprivation, and as a bonus gift to our regular readers, we're going to send you someplace where you can get some quality Funny in your time of need.

Most of the guys at some point were avid readers of the original Dr Lobster and Steve, when it was run by the esteemed comics duo of Michael and Jeff. Earlier this year the two went off to start up a new strip, Gamer Hotties, which I've mentioned previously in this space (they've also been nice enough to link us, good fellows that they are). Well, for those of you that have missed the Lobstiverse, today Michael and Jeff are back in a big way. Not only do they have the debut of the animated Gamer Hotties cartoon, but they also have a brand new Dr. L for us, Dr. Lobster ^ 2. Many people will dismiss it offhand, since it's a sequel. "Look at Jaws 2," they'll say, "or Jurassic Park 2." But for every one of those travesties, there's a The Empire Strikes Back or Toy Story 2, which manages to in some cases even surpass the original. Will Dr. L^2 be such a success story? Only time (and your patronage) will tell. Drop over, and tell 'em CXM sent ya (hey, we need the hits too).

Come to think of it, there's another major way we could get hits. It may seem blindingly obvious to you, our perceptive readers, but it's a precept we've been ignoring for a while now. So, I'm ready to announce a big change in our policy. On Monday, July 30th, we will be putting a comic strip up. I've been assured that this is the truth by no less an authority than our own resident maverick with a pen, Jason. I trust him, and so should you. And if he loses that trust, well...Tony can always have things cleaned up. Comics are a serious business, after all.

In one of his final reports before his imminent return to this place we call home, CXM Special Japanese Culture Correspondent Evan Ritt chimes in with a forecast on next year's anime scene:

In more important things, I will tell you the name of next year's Anime to Watch for. It is called Noir. It is way awesome. It is basically about this girl who wakes up, and has no memory, but is the ultimate killing machine. She is supposed to be a professional assassin or something, and there is another girl who is also an assassin. In Japan, they are on episode 16 or so now (I saw part of it for the first time last night... couldn't watch all of it, due to circumstances beyond my control). Its quite cool, and has some decent plot as exactly what and who this girl is slowly unfolds. AD Vision had announced at AX (Anime Expo) last weekend that they had acquired the license to it, but then for some reason rescinded that statement the next day. Either way, I'm sure that SOMEONE will pick it up, and when it gets released (maybe next year?), it will make big headlines... this will be the Cowboy Bebop of next year, I promise you. You can find more information about it here.    Also, in a week or so, on 07/25, the first few episodes are being released in Japan on DVD, and I will be getting them. I can show you them when I return home. I promise they will be mad 1337.

We here at CXM suggest that you take Mr. Ritt's comments with a dose of skepticism. He is, after all, the same man who at one point claimed that it was impossible to crush an egg with his bare hand because of its shape. Later, I got another communique from him:

Evan, from my cell phone. Oh my god!! Just watched 1st full ep. of Noir. One of the best anime I've seen in a long while. Watch for this one - mark my word, it will be huge.

Tonight, just as I was assembling your newsy goodness, I received one final message:

With every episode of Noir I see, this series just looks better and better...

Well, if nothing else, he's definitely persistent. I suppose that counts for something. Evan, however, is known to have strange taste in...well...everything. But I suppose I could be nice and give him the benefit of the doubt on this...nah, it's probably hellspawn (apologies for those who are on the outside of that joke).

Anyway, to wrap up here, tune in Monday for a brand new comic strip. We'll let you know then what kind of schedule we'll be working on for the next few weeks. That's all for tonight!

Dan needs to rest up so he can get to clicking the links for those comics tomorrow.

Quote of the Day: "Oh, Daddy doesn't mind a little scandal. He's a senator."

-Patricia Hitchcock, Strangers on a Train

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