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Updates Mondayish

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July 25, 2001

Two updates in a row? What is this, some semblance of a schedule? Or perhaps just a very vivid and strangely textual dream. The best kind, as we all know.

Well, just returned from the Red Sox game, where fortunately the Sox beat out the Blue Jays 6-4. I haven't been to a game in probably about a year; but last summer I was mostly going with the boyz. Tonight was my mother's birthday so my father and I and one of our co-workers took my mom to the game. I enjoyed it, though we're in the middle of some pretty hot weather here, and of course, we were by necessity seated in front of the drunkest and most raucous people in the park who managed to spill beer on my shoes. Ahh, baseball.

The week has been off to a pretty slow start, so I don't have too much for you guys today. And even if I did, I'm too tired to remember most of it. One thing I will provide you with here is my roommate Brian's reaction to my post last Monday in which I commented that I enjoyed The Score. Brian, as usual, decided to bring me back down to earth by pointing out just a few of the many inaccuracies featured in the film. I really don't know what I'd do without him; I'd feel just plain ignorant! But at least I'd enjoy movies more. Without further ado, my tall red-headed roomie:

The Score wasn't bad but with that cast it should have been excellent. The script just wasn't special even though Ed [Norton] did great. The safe bust was stupid. You can't blow torch through a safe like that so easily. I've seen the results of people trying and failing at my old church with a very basic safe [Gotta love those wacky Catholics -Dan]. And if for some reason he could just blow torch that hole like it was made of tin foil why didn't he just make a bigger hole and reach in? Also I'm not buying that "it's just physics" bull. Was that a bomb or lithium? If it was a bomb that was a cheesy way to do it and water wouldn't amplify the explosion at all or dampen the noise that much. If it was lithium why didn't he just use a bomb? Finally, the door was far sturdier than the box that the scepter was in. If the explosive knocked the door off it would have flattened the box and the scepter. The writer needs to do more research or stick to subjects he's more familiar with. That scene wasn't worthy those actors and neither was the rest of the script.

Bah, the mere facts of science cannot ruin a movie for me!!! It'll take more than that. Like grammatical errors. So help me, if I catch one more person incorrectly using the subjunctive in a film script, I will never go to another movie in my life and I may just yell "fire" in a crowded theater for the added kick.

There are, of course, exceptions. Last weekend I discovered that T$ had not seen Swingers. Coming from a man who, by his very name, is "money", I was understandably shocked and moved to rectify the situation with the speed of a teenager's mood change. Tony, in his ususal benevolent fashion, pronounced the movie "Good" and peace was restored to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Then I found out he hadn't seen Grosse Pointe Blank...

Dan has the situation under control. Please remain calm.

Quote of the Day: "Oh, I opened it by accident because we...both have 'i's in our names..."
-Simon Pegg, Spaced

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