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July 23, 2001

Howdy true believers! Thanks for sitting and waiting for the next gosh darned interesting CXM update. As mentioned last week, we're currently on a two week break, so unfortunately we have no new Funny. I've been assaulted from numerous sides for this development, up to and including Tony's brother. He's dead now, in case you're wondering. We do not tolerate insolence.

Jason is due back here on Friday, which will bring his DC Comics internship to a close. It sounds, however, as though it has been time well spent, and while we've missed him back in quiet Newton, we're glad he's gotten a chance to do something so fun and rewarding. Now that he's coming back, I guess Tony and I have to stop blowing things up. Darn.

It's been a week since my last update, and during the last two weeks, I really haven't given you any more trailer madness. We're changing that here and now baby (about 95% of you just read that and thought "we're changing that baby here and now"?). Last week I tantalized you with my thoughts on the Spider-Man trailer. It's been out for a while now, but in case you haven't seen it (or seen it enough times, in my case), you can grab it here. I figure if Spider-Man does well enough, it'll pave the way for my own original superhero movie: Spider-Dan.

You thought Spider-Man was pretty darn strong, eh? Well, the next trailer features a man just a teensy-weensy bit stronger. How strong is he? This man took down Superman, fellas. And I'm not talking about that stupid excuse to sell more comics. I'm talking about the greatest, Cassius Clay himself, later known to the world as Muhammad Ali. I'm looking forward immensely to this biopic, contrary to the thoughts of other, far more famous cartoonists than I. Many didn't believe that Will Smith could fill Ali's shoes, but the way he's been bulked up, I think he looks pretty convincing, though his voice is very distinctive. Anyway, I'll hook you up with the trailer, provided for us by, of all people, the French. Hit it.

The next trailer almost requires a new phrase to describe it. I think I'll coin it now: "swash fu." Take a classic tale of derring-do with famous swordsman, and add a Hong Kong fight choreographer. Whadya get? The Musketeer. This remake of the classic Alexandre Dumas story is heading directly into the post-Matrix world. And while it sounds kind of sketchy, when you see some of the stuff they're doing, you'll utter some words that I can't print here for good conscience. Trust me, the things these guys can do with a barrel defies description, and, for that matter, physics. I think if Dumas were around today he'd be kicking ass and taking names with the best of 'em.

Finally one last trailer, and this is for the anime fans out there. A couple months ago, I mentioned the first glimpse of the Cowboy Bebop movie. Thanks to Scott Green, over at UMJAMS Anime News (who is, apparently, a fan of the strip), we have a link to the new trailer, which showcases much more of the movie. And you don't need to worry about spoilers because, hey, it's in Japanese. Anyway, click here to see Spike, Jet, and Faye in action. Ed devotees (such as T$) and Vicious devotees (such as myself) will notice in the former case, not much new footage, and in the latter case, no appearance at all. There are however a few new characters, who, as we all know will have to die in the movie to preserve the continuity of the show. Oh, wait, we're talking about Bebop. Scratch that. As long as we're talking Bebop, you may want to check out this bit I just picked up from Scott's site. That'll be looking sweet on my desk in the not too distant future.

I have enough this week to post on Wednesday and/or Friday I think, including a bit of a rave from my college roommate on the subject of my reaction to The Score last weekend, my thoughts on my current reading, forcing Tony to watch Swingers, and other things definitely worth reading. Plus, I should really just get back on schedule. See you then.

Dan is going to start the commotion.

Quote of the Day: "Gekiganger Flare!"
-Martian Successor: Nadesico

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