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July 16, 2001

Good morning and a happy beginning of the week to all of you. Disappointingly, I do have to report that there won't be comics for this week. Jason was in town this weekend, and Tony and I spent some "quality time" with him. We didn't particularly feel like adding to his stress by insisting he do a strip, so instead we occupied our time by freely spending money in a variety of ways.

Friday night we went to a midnight showing of Final Fantasy. The movie met with a pretty mixed reception on our parts. Jason seemed to quite like it, but I think Tony and I were a little disappointed with the fare. The visuals are beautiful, which nobody will deny, but it just couldn't balance out the average plot. Average is saying a lot, though; I suppose it wouldn't have been hard for the plot to be a lot less than average. Most of the voices were pretty good, but I would have liked to see some more from Steve Buscemi and Ving Rhames, two excellent but under utilized actors. The topper for the movie (for me, anyway) was that the Spider-Man trailer was attached. I think the trailer was sweet; it didn't give away too much of the plot, but it did sort of tantalize and show off some of the excellent web-swinging special effects. This is how trailers should be!!!

Yesterday after a nice lunch at a local pizza place (which involved us giving away a slice of pizza to our waitress. Hey, she said she was hungry!), we went mall-crawling until a late night showing of The Score. The reception to this was exactly the opposite of Final Fantasy's. Tony and I really enjoyed it, but Jason didn't think it was anything special. So at the least we all came out of the weekend feeling we'd seen at least one good and one decent movie. Not too bad.

Tomorrow it's back to the daily routine of work and frisbee (though I don't think I have a game tomorrow...). Like Tony, this is pretty much what I spend my time doing during the summer. Work most of the week, playing frisbee two or three times a week, then the weekend. Barely time to get in my own writing projects or some free reading. At least I've caught up to all my taped TV shows (Buffy, Angel, and The West Wing), so I don't have to worry about finding reruns.

Anyway, Jason's pretty much out of commission for the next two weeks. The earliest you can expect a comic is two weeks from today, but I'll check in next Monday as well and let you know how things are progressing. Have a nice week, and take some time out to enjoy yourself in whatever way you choose.

Dan is enjoying his waking hours. He probably would enjoy his sleeping hours if he could remember them better.

Quote of the Day: "See that big guy behind me, holding the newspaper? That's my cousin. So we've all got family here...which is nice."
-Edward Norton, The Score

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