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Moving To NY For The Summer
(2001-06-03 - scary as heck)

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July 09, 2001

Remember last week when I said that CXM was back? I may have been a little bit hasty in my assessment of our current situation. Since that point, not much more has been heard from Kai, though sources say that he should be back online today and ready to go. Sadly, Jason has encountered some personal problems and is unable to draw comics in the near future. Everybody here at CXM supports him fully in this decision to take some time to deal with whatever he needs to; first and foremost the man is our friend, and CXM is secondary to that. We hope that you'll stick around and see what we have in store for you when we get back into a groove. And groove we shall. I know some other comic writers have criticized sites which go on "hiatus" only to never return, but I assure that isn't the case here. All four of us are very committed to producing a great comic (we hope you agree), but we are also people with our lives who must deal with the day-to-day happenstances of real life.

Meanwhile, CXM will be updating sporadically over the next few weeks. I will try and keep up with updating the site at least once a week to keep you apprised of our status, so I would suggest checking back in weekly or so to see where we're at. I'll be compililng a weekly newspost, perhaps for Wednesdays or Fridays to update you on all the happenings. If you're in need of some quality Funny, I'll point you towards our links page where we have nothing but grade A Funny for you. This week, especially, stay tuned to Mega Tokyo which is updating everyday with fan strips, perhaps even one by the CXM boyz (keep your fingers crossed guys and gals).

This past weekend included a mad bash for Tony's birthday. Videogames, frisbee, laser tag and Chinese food were all consumed by a group of about twenty, with much enjoyment had by all. Today, a smaller group of us went to see Kiss of the Dragon. Our thoughts? The general consensus was that Jet Li was cool as usual; there were some nifty stunts and martial arts, but the plot (which was condensed into about five minutes at the beginning) was sorely lacking. But at least they were pretty honest about that. I'm also immensely curious about the symbolic role of that turtle...

I'm going back to work tomorrow. On the upside that means I'll be back on a high speed connection, which I've sorely missed for the last few weeks. It also means that all four of us will be on working schedules, which limits the amount of attention we can devote to the site. Anyway, I hope you'll all bear with us during this period. We have some interesting ideas in mind for when we get back to work here, and I don't think you'll want to miss them.

Make sure to check in weekly!

Dan feels we can be on a first name basis now.

Quote of the Day: "A man that hath friends must show himself friendly; and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."
-Proverbs xviii. 24.

July 09, 2001

Just to add to what Dan has said:

Long story short, I have no apartment anymore. I've been kicked out for reasons that were beyond my control, and I didn't even set anything on fire this time. As a result, I will have no way to scan strips for a while, probably the next two or three weeks.

The next time this site updates with a strip will probably be on a Monday. I wish I could tell you which Monday, but we should definitely be back on track by August (ugh!) at the latest. Hopefully I'll be able to get strips to the guys before then.

Sorry about the delay, and wish me luck in finding someplace to sleep tonight!

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