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Moving To NY For The Summer
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July 06, 2001

CXM is back. And it's about time. I've returned to the time zone, Tony and Jason are in Newton, and even Kai has surfaced from the abyss (cursing Verizon all the way). Starting today, we should be able to keep up with our schedule, assuming we can escape any "Imperial entanglements."

Today's Funny is dual-purpose. You might try to call us lazy for putting together a Mega Tokyo strip with our usual fare. But, please consider that Jason spent a considerable amount of time on this strip, including a mostly sleepless night. Tony and I spent a while cleaning it up and lettering. We think it came out pretty well...let us know what you think.

Incidentally, one of our major summer past times is playing Ultimate Frisbee. Currently, the esteemed T$ is our fearless leader, and Chilly JT and I serve as his elite bodyguards. If anybody happens to be in the Boston area, and would like to play some ultimate, drop Tony a line.

See you on Monday, as we keep rolling along. Hopefully, we'll still be on schedule then.

Dan is.

Quote of the Day is being recharged.

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