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Hight Tide in Savannah GA!
(2001-03-16 - Frisbe Tourny)
Snow Sphinx!
(2001-03-05 - Snow Mayhem)
Karaoke! @ Ichiban
(2001-02-25 - Silliness)

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Home For Summer
(2001-07-01 - Break Time!)
Running Amuck in Europe
(2001-06-09 - Fear for Europe)
(2001-05-31 - DVD)

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Back Home For A Week
(2001-06-29 - slacking off)
Internship at DC Comics
(2001-06-28 - unpaid job)
Moving To NY For The Summer
(2001-06-03 - scary as heck)

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July 04, 2001

Happy fireworks day, gringos. And to you British readers, happy getting-rid-of-the-stuck-up-colonists day.

We were supposed to have a news post earlier, but it must have been lost in the festivities of last night. Dan, Tony, and I played ultimate frisbee with Tony's summer team, the Yakuza. Then we retired to the TonyCave (Newton based) with the team for pizza, soda, and Battlebots goodness. Three CXM guys were in the same place finally -- a rare event these days -- as Dan just returned from Scotland and I am taking a one week break from my internship at DC.

Anyway, hopefully there will be more of a news post later. We have a guest column we'd like to show you, but I'm not quite sure how to get it on our web page, so I won't put it here. When the time comes, though, I'm hoping you can just take a gander at our columns box over to the left on the main page.

Also, be warned that we're considering doing a Megatokyo guest strip as Friday's comic. Megatokyo (a funny and well-drawn web comic if there ever was one) is running several guest strips next week as part of a contest, which they confess is really just an excuse to cover for Piro while he's on vacation. We've been finding it challenging to come up with ideas for someone else's comic for a change, but I don't think you'll be disappointed with our take on their stuff (and if you are, you'll make me cry).

Not to worry, though -- more original CXM stuff on the way soon. We've actually written several strips recently that I'm itching to get to draw, as soon as I can get my hands on some reference art.

Well, feel free to check back in later to see if there is in fact a column today, or just come back Friday for our Megatokyo-style strip; if the column goes online before then, it's not going anywhere afterward. Have a good holiday, and try not to get caught on fire.

July 04, 2001

This is the first 4th of July I've celebrated where I've actually felt a connection with the holiday. Maybe it's because I just liberated myself from Great Britain. Or maybe it's that Constitutional Congress I just called...hmmm.

Anyway, as Jason earlier predicted, there is a new column available for your enjoyment. This is our first Guest Column, coming to us from Chris Collins, a friend of Jason's. So make him feel welcome. That means no pointy objects thrust into him.

I think Jason already covered most of the other news, so I'll leave you to enjoy your explosives, alcohol, and barbecue. Not, hopefully, at the same time. See you Friday.

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