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GDC journal (last updated at 1:32 PST) - (2001-03-21)

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Snow Rocks - (2001-03-07)

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Chicken Scratches - (2001-05-23)

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Testing games for Nintendo
(2001-06-07 - fun for profit)
Samba De Amigo
(2001-03-13 - video game)
Silent Hill
(2001-03-11 - video game)

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Hight Tide in Savannah GA!
(2001-03-16 - Frisbe Tourny)
Snow Sphinx!
(2001-03-05 - Snow Mayhem)
Karaoke! @ Ichiban
(2001-02-25 - Silliness)

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Running Amuck in Europe
(2001-06-09 - Fear for Europe)
(2001-05-31 - DVD)
(2001-05-23 - Obscure Ritual)

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Moving To NY For The Summer
(2001-06-03 - scary as heck)
Rereading Maus
(2001-05-12 - comic)
Finnegans Wake
(2001-05-12 - novel)

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Updates Mondayish

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June 27, 2001

Sorry I don't have time to do a proper news post (hopefully someone else will get to it!), but I wanted to make sure that at least something got said. So here, I'm saying stuff. Doo doo doo. Oh yeah, I wrote a column for today. I wanted to babble about naming things, so I did. Also, there is an alternate version of Monday's comic floating around somewhere ... I hope we can get that to you soon.

Anyway, off to bedtime land for me. Later, all.

June 27, 2001

Lets get our news on!

NEWS FLASH: CXM rules like Zuul -- John Brooks

On with the linkage

Dance Dance Karnov is a game that you've probably played, but now you can download the zany music.


The nice people over at Lithium Sunset linked us. Tey even made a little link button for CXM on their own.
Well criminy consider yourselves linked!

Ok I really have little more to say. My life is frisbee and work, but sometimes I goto Comicopia and anll is good. If you live in the greater Boston area i highly recommend that you swing by and pick up a paycheck's worth of grpahic novels, I know it makes me feel better.

Tony away!

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