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June 20, 2001

I may not have much to say in the way of news, but I would like to direct your attention to a special Wednesday comic. I won't mince words here -- mainly because I don't know for sure what "mincing words" really entails, and it makes me think of shish kebab -- but we've been having a little trouble keeping up with this comic site as of late. Sorry about the inconvenience. There ought to be a strip Friday, but I guess that's pretty easy to say now ... we'll see how I feel about that tomorrow night when I get in at eleven PM and still don't know what I'm drawing yet, unless one of us writes something in a jif (or polishes one of the strips in our hefty backlog of strips that are almost funny but not quite there yet).

Anyway, catch us again on Friday.

June 20, 2001

First let me apologize for the complexity of today's comic. While most of our strips are comprehendible by the simple-minded simian, today requires not only that you view the strip, but that you view the latest addition to the website for the punchline.

I hear that this may be our 50th comic. If that's the case then I'd like to take the opportunity to remind you that viewing this strip is not free, and that you've racked up a tab of $596.02 for perusing our backlog. Well, that or a Playstation 2 and a copy of Para Para Paradise to keep us busy while you make your way to the authorities.

From what I hear, I'm supposed to be writing news. But it's hard to find out what's going on in the world when you're stuck inside one of the world's largest gaming companies for twelve hours a day. Despite that investment, all I can tell you is he who lives by the game dies by the game, and likely sooner than later, as testing threatens to wrap me in ennui and squeeze me into the netherworld. For all that, though, I'm still planning on sticking with the job. Perhaps when it's all over and the products are released, I can point fingers at a few things and say, "I helped make that playable!" without getting valued extremities removed by NOA (Nintendo of America) legal.

As personal news is just about all I have to offer, the most significant event to occur of late in my life was the DDR Magic tournament at Illusionz, the local arcade. (Illusionz gets to be "the local arcade" by virtue of the fact that they, not Gameworks, have enough Bemani games - the series that produced Dance Dance Revolution - to build a giant super rhythm robot, which I eagerly await) Images are available all over the place; you might even see me lurking in the back of one or two. For those who've never been, I highly recommend stopping by such an event to see some of the craziest manipulation of two feet that you've ever seen.

Sorry to cut this one short, folks, but I need to grab a wink or two - heaven forbid I ever get the highly touted 40 of urban lore.

The Canadians have been made the prisoners of dance by the super bass sound.

Quote of the Day:
"No vinegar at McDonalds!"
- Several crazies from Strictly Business

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