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June 11, 2001

Guten tag! I know none of you expected to hear from me for weeks, but I'm making a surprise appearance to make up for my missed day on Friday. Also, as you may have noticed, our schedule has burped again, but you should be able to find Friday's strip here, and today's (Monday's for those of you who have just woken up) strip should appear on Wednesday, if all goes according to our diabolical plan.

[Actually, don't count on that. There will be a strip Friday like usual, but as for Wednesday strip, signs point to no. -Jason]

I'm currently writing this from an Internet cafe in Munich, Germany where I've spent the last two days. Germany is pretty cool, and I've had some interesting experiences, including visiting the former concentration camp of Dachau on Sunday. Very powerful indeed. And though I am technically in Bavaria right now, my CXM colleagues will be disappointed to find that I haven't found any mentions of Adam Weishaupt or the Bavarian Illuminati. Man, Germany is missing out on some key niche tourism here!

Tomorrow I am off to Vienna, Austria. I'm sure there will be a great many things to see, but right now I can only think of Austria as the birthplace of everybody's favorite Mr. Universe, Arnold Schwarzenegger (can't believe I spelled that right on the first try). After that, it's off to the beautiful city of Prague, then next weekend back to Germany to take in Berlin (and find a wall that I've heard much about...surprisingly, not that wall). Finally, it's back to Edinburgh via Paris, where my French will once more be smacked down by the locals (yay).

And three weeks from yesterday I will be home! It's exciting really, but kinda weird. I've almost gotten used to the UK, it's an endearingly strange little country, and for the last six months, I've more or less called it home. But I really look forward to catching up with people I've missed and seeing how my new experiences will influence my life at home.

Don't know when I'll next be in touch, so take care until that time.

See ya.

Dan Moren is happy to be a useless repository of miscellaneous German phrases.

Quote of the Day: "Hasta la vista, baby!"

-Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator 2: Judgment Day

June 11, 2001

Jason thought that The City would reveal the truths of the eternal to him. He thought wrong.

Now, for better or for worse - me:
Be not alarmed, good citizens! Given my various travellings, doings, and undoings of late, the CXM crew is probably as surprised as you are to see a newspost out of me. And, frankly, given the amount of suspect substances I've been told that I've consumed, imbibed, or otherwise taken in to my body over the past few months, I'm pretty surprised to be writing anything myself. And though my command of the English language may not have gone unaffected, I'm pretty sure my increasingly limited vocabulary will just make my lunacy that much more digestible for the average reader.

The first question of all of your persnickety little minds, I'm sure, is: "where can I get some dandy, twisty, colory (to heck with you - it's a word) marshmallowy treats that I can pop in my mouth again and again without tiring of their taste or consistency?" But, more importantly, the second question on most of your minds (there's no accounting for some...) is: "where in the name of all nastiness gone awry have you been?" The answer to both questions is: Canada.

Whoa there, Uncle Sam, drop that noose! Though I've developed a certain affection for Canadian commerce, I've yet to sport a maple leaf on any of my apparel, to start playing hockey, or to end my sentences in, "eh?" For those of you who live in a place that makes a trip north of the border feasible, I highly recommend it. You see, the American dollar is currently worth $1.50 Canadian, and since many Canadian items have price tags comparable to their American counterparts, it's like the whole country is on a continuous 33% sale. Now that's my kind of shopping. In addition, they have two Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix machines in Vancouver, and if you know what I like, you know that it's DDR.

Speaking of which, you probably want some news seeing as this is a "newspost." Well, since I likes my DDR, I break to you the news that, as of last Friday, DDR Extra Mix is available for the Playstation. The bad news, of course, is that you're going to have to import it, which, of course, I'll do, especially as my better half has something of an unholy craving for a particular song which is only available on that mix.

Oh, and I keep forgetting about this little nugget as I know a few folks who imported the thing at least a month ago: the Gameboy Advance is now available. Given the lineup for this puppy, which already features a Mario game (a Super Mario Bros. 2 re-release, of sorts) and a Castlevania game, it's really more of an outbreak than a release. Industry insiders speculate that GBA units will outnumber the world population inside of 18 months. Of course, once the first 50 million combine into a giant robot and start eating humans by the obscenely giant metallic clawful, outnumbering we feeble fleshlings becomes a much more reasonable feat. Frankly, I'm already kissing up so that I'm assured a place in the new world order.

Also, why the heck didn't anyone tell me that there's a new Jet Li movie coming out in the immediate future? Frankly, I've got to cover Moulin Rouge and Disney's Atlantis before I pick up any of these other movies. And while we're talking about media explosions, the new Depeche Mode album has been out for about a month now, and it's been giving me that continous dose of heartache-filled TLC that I've been looking for. If anyone wants me to be in their debt eternally, I suggest hooking me up with tickets to their show up in the Seattle area.

Now, for your health and amusement, I shall stop writing.

The CXM crew takes their tea with sugar.

Quote of the Day: "I am a collage of unaccounted for brush strokes. I am random."
- Ouisa, Six Degrees of Separation

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