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June 08, 2001

I'm saying a few quick words today to accompany an equally hastily drawn strip (due to update on my 21st birthday, actually). I'll try to keep it brief, since I didn't expect to be writing a news post, and it's past my bedtime now.

First off, sorry about the week-long delay. I can't believe that we managed to get comics up over spring break and during finals, but we couldn't do last week. Why? It was right after finals, so I didn't have time to draw extra strips in advance. And when the week finally hit, I was at home, without my computer hooked up, and without a heck of a lot of time. I moved into a room in Lawrence, Long Island on Sunday the 3rd, and got my computer connected to the internet before I even made the bed or unpacked my clothing; that night, I emailed the CXM boys and announced out of the blue that there would be a comic for Monday. And so there was.

I hope not to go so long without a comic update again, if at all possible. I appreciate that Dan stuck with those news posts, though, and I hope that you all felt satisfied enough that you won't hit me next time you see me.

Second off, it's been an awfully long time since any of us have written a column, I think. I have one or two in mind. I will get to it. I'm sure Dan will bang something out again soon, too.

Third off, I just had my third day as an intern at DC Comics, based in Manhattan. I'm working specifically with Vertigo, the line of DC that brought the world such great works as The Sandman and Transmetropolitan. The people there are great, and I sometimes get to do cool things, like ballooning (deciding where word balloons will go in a comic) and proofreading (basically just reading a comic and then feeling like strutting around when I pick up errors ... in English and Spanish). Unfortunately, they have me doing more copying and sorting stuff than anything else, and the novelty of holding original art from comics you like wears off kinda quick. It's also interesting to see how some comics really don't benefit much from color, but really look much more striking in the original black and white. And also, I recommend checking out the title 100 Bullets -- stick with it past the first volume, though, it gets more interesting.

That's it for tonight, kids. See you Monday.

June 08, 2001

Experiencing technical dificulties, please stand by.

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