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June 04, 2001

[ Despite rumors to the contrary, we've foregone such pleasantries as "sleep" to provide you with the strip that you so desperately crave. Ingest at your own risk. -- The CXM Underground ]

Monday without Funny is like cookies without milk: barely worth having. But sadly that's what we have here, another day without a strip. I can see the dejected faces of the masses, and I plea that you remain with us! If only you can last until Friday, you will be faithfully rewarded! Jason says that there will be Funny on Friday, and I believe in him. If you believe in Jason, clap your hands! C'mon now!

I am confronted, as always, by the problem of Sunday nights. Not much seems to happen over the weekend in regards to the websites that I regularly check. Because of this, it's hard to find news items that are worthy of your attention, and you know how I hate to give you substandard news. So I'm forced to go into the personal details of what can only be loosely described as "my life."

A high school acquaintence, known to many of our readers as "Ned", is currently hanging out with me in Edinburgh. So far we've mostly killed time in the city, taking a walk around Salisbury Crags, and around the Old Town (illustrated on my photo page). Tomorrow we head out to Stirling, which has it's own nifty castle and supposedly some nice medieval atomsphere. I will make sure to capture some of its charm on digital film, and post the pictures later this week perhaps. On Tuesday, Ned and I are heading off to Europe where I'll be killing a week or two among a variety of places, including Switzerland, Germany, and France. So assuming all goes well, Friday should hear from me in Switzerland, along with new Funny. Sw33t (I apologize for the l33t speak, and promise it will never happen again).

As I don't have a lot of news to talk about, I thought I'd bring up some olds. As well as concocting our own brand of Funny here, all of the CXM guys read other comics. And not just to steal their ideas, but to learn from the masters. Last week I sent you in the direction of Michael, Jeff and Tammy at Gamer Hotties, and this week I'd like to recommend two manga-style strips that I think have improved in recent weeks. The first is Neobaka, which has gone through some ups and downs in terms of activity, but artist Dan (not to be confused with yours truly, who can by no stretch of the imagination be called an artist) has gotten back on track, and I think that the work looks superb. It's a continuing storyline, so check out the archives, but it's only been up about as long as we have, so there's not too much reading to do.

The other is one of the major presences on the web (though I think its creators would very modestly disagree), MegaTokyo. If you haven't read MT, you should absolutely read it right now. I've been laughing regularly at Piro and Largo's antics for almost a year now, and I have to say that the latest storyline coupled with Piro's new manga layout rocks my laptop. I need me a "rent-a-zilla" like mad. Anyway, Piro's promised that the story will be accelerating from now on in, so jump on while the learning curve is still shallow. You won't be disappointed.

Well, my laundry is done, and so too is this newspost apparently. Hopefully I'll be able to bring you some more interesting bits on Wednesday and Friday, and don't forget new Funny on Friday. I'm really hoping that saying it enough times will make it true.

Dan Moren is ready to bring Funny to Europe. C'mon, the French like Jerry Lewis!!!

Quote of the Day: "J'ai la pêche de tonnère!"
-Unknown Origin

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