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May 30, 2001

It's Wednesday, the day when we don't even pretend that we make Funny. Today it's up to me to entertain you so much that you'll be compelled to return on Friday. I've prepared a variety of things with which to astound and amaze you, so prepare to be...uh...astounded and amazed!

The first one is a mixed blessing. Many of us have been waiting with baited breath to see more of the forthcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy in action. Well, as of last week the latest trailer is out, but disappointingly only in Real Player format. Some courageous souls have converted it to QuickTime, so be aware that while those copies exist, they are not qualitatively better (there is also a version floating around that was taped off a television entertainment show, but I have not been able to acquire it). Anyway, regardless of its lacking quality, the new trailer is excellent; the characters get a chance to actually talk, and we see (and hear) a few things that we haven't before. I can't wait for a high quality QuickTime version, and if the last trailer is any indication, we could see it in less than a week.

In other multimedia news, I really need to get one the Spanish speakers (Jason, Ina?) to translate this for me. I have no idea what they're saying, but I was laughing my ass off anyway. Even if you don't speak Spanish, take a look, it's worth a laugh.

Speaking of languages I don't know and probably never will, The Man in the Hat is Back....and this time, he's in Japanese. From the land of the rising sun, our CXM Foreign Correspondent Evan Ritt has sent us a few interesting pieces of information. If you'll recall, earlier this month Evan shared his comments about viewing The A-Team dubbed over in Japanese. He found it watchable, but surreal. Well, now Ev's had the chance to watch one of the masterpieces of the late '80s, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in the tongue of that distant island. Here's what he had to say:

"Knowing now exactly how much you rely upon my support and supply of silly tidbits to keep your CXM news posts going, I have decided to relate to you two more lovely things which I have watched on Japanese TV this past weekend. The first is a movie that we all know and love. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was watched by me in Japanese this Saturday night. Sadly, I don't remember word for word many of our favorite lines from the American version, such as 'You have chosen... wisely,' or 'This is how we say goodbye in Austria.' 'And this is how we say goodbye in Germany.' I can tell you, though, that they translated the great response to, 'This belongs in a museum.' as 'Omae koso.' Which basically means 'you' with a heavy emphasis placed on it (the American response, as you remember was, 'so do you'). Either way, the voice of Harrison Ford was missing something. It was a gruff Japanese voice, which fit, but it was sort of missing that lilting quality of Harrison Ford that gives him that 'the devil be damned' attitude. Sean Connery's voice was pretty well done though, I thought."

He also got a chance to view American TV series Roswell which he did not like though, he said dryly "I don't think that it was because of anything being lost in the transition." Before we could return Evan to the demon dimension from which he had emerged, he offered forth one more very provocative piece of intelligence. Here, once more, is Evan:

"Recently in Japan, an anime by the name of One Piece has become fairly popular. It is the story of a band of (comical) pirates and their adventures around the globe. Its main character is Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who has a body like rubber, and can stretch all over the place. In recent days, though, I have become aware of a... shall we say... resemblance... that this lovable yet moronic character holds to one of our own...Please pay special note to the similarity in (facial) features that this character has with our good friend... I sense a conspiracy afoot."

If there's one thing Evan's pretty good at, it's sensing conspiracies, as this side-by-side comparison clearly shows. Coincidence? I think not. For more info on One Piece, head over here, but be warned that the page is in Japanese.


More freaky findings on Friday, friends; fear not.

Dan Moren needs to go study for his English final. And then...well, he'll let William Wallace express his sentiments.

Quote of the Day: "FREEDOOOOOOOOOOM!"
-Mel Gibson, Braveheart

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