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May 23, 2001

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Funny.

Today's strip was inspired, as disturbing as it may be, by an actual conversation between Kai and myself. As we all know, Comradski Curtis is pretty fond of introducing foreign substances to his pants, and maybe, just maybe, today's strip sheds a little light on why (Kai, of course, would like me to remind you that though the conversation was real, his mentioned plight was of course fictional. I'm also trying to cover my ass so he doesn't sue me for defamation of character).

Well, we know we've been fallling down a bit on the column aspect of the site. But, I think we have a pretty good explanation, don't you? Anyway, to bring an end to the long drought, I've been thinking a lot lately about how I feel about my own creative status. Admittedly, what I ended up with might seem to jump around a bit, and I know it lacks a really cohesive argument, but I think it had some interesting thoughts. And that's what it's really about: interesting thoughts.

Once again, today's news post is going to be on the short side. Partially because it's getting late, and tomorrow I have a final and two papers to hand in (and characteristic to my luck, the printer in my building lab has run out of paper and for some incredibly bizarre reason I can't get it refilled at this time of night). So tomorrow I have to get up, go to the library, finishing printing things out, hand them in, take my final, and then, as a reward (thankfully) I get to go out and have a nice dinner. This will be good. And hopefully by Friday I'll be back on track and my mind will be functioning enough to provide you with the newspost that you so richly deserve.

See you Friday (new Lord of the Rings trailer debuts! This much I remember).

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