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May 16, 2001

Now, you see, I've never quite made up my mind about Wednesdays. Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays I'm really not very fond of. I never feel very motivated on any of them. Thursdays, Saturdays, and the always classic Fridays, I love. But Wednesday...Wednesday's a tricky little devil. It's right in between the Warsaw Pact of the first half of the week, and the NATO of the weekend. A temporal Berlin, if you will. The first half of Wednesday maintains a lot of the qualities of the earlier part of the week; kind of slow, and dull, and generally menial. But the second half is imbued with that feeling that you get when you realize that tomorrow is Thursday, and the worst of the week is behind you.

Unfortunately, it's currently Tuesday night, so I'm still working up tomorrow. On the upside, my only lecture tomorrow has been cancelled, so I'll be sleeping the sweet sleep of the dead. Downside, they're demolishing the building next to the dorm, so I'll still get woken up at 8:30 in the morning when they start. Which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the insomnia keeping me up until 3AM. Oh well, c'est la vie.

But enough about me, let's talk about you. How would you like your own work to be featured right next to the work of masters like Chilly JT, T$, and DJ K-lishus. Well stop dreaming, baby, because we can make it happen! The CXM Boyz have told their Funny like it is, and now they want to hear from you! The entire archive is at your disposal. So if you can draw or Photoshop (or even if you don't think you can, but you'd like to give it a try), whip up a strip featuring the CXM Boyz and let us have a look-see. We'll choose a few out of the results we get (assuming we get any) to be featured on the page, either in the extras section, or in the archive itself. So get those pencils and airbrushes going!

Speaking of the extras section, we've just added a couple brand new wallpapers of our critically-acclaimed Fight Club strip. You can choose Jack's Favorite Wallpaper in right oriented or centered flavors. Tell 'em Tyler sent ya.

I'm taking it easy today. Monday's newspost had enough updates for both days. See you Friday!

Dan Moren hopes some day to be a master of suspense.

Quote of the Day: "I'm an advertising man, not a red herring. I've got a job, a secretary, a mother, two ex-wives and several bartenders dependent upon me, and I don't intend to disappoint them all by getting myself slightly killed."

-Cary Grant, North by Northwest

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