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May 11, 2001

Welcome to the Friday edition of CXM. Our top story at the moment is, of course, reflected in today's strip. We'll keep you updated throughout the day, as the story progresses.

I've just seen a car chase so beautiful, so well...orchestrated...that the only word to describe it is symphonic. I picked up a link from Moriarty over at AICN (one of my daily hangouts) about short films over at The particular film that caught my attention is a 6 minute masterpiece by Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). Since it's so short, I won't ruin it with talking about the "plot", but let's just say, you won't leave the theater wishing you had your money back. Check out Ang Lee's Chosen (and notice the band-aid at the end).

Speaking of movies, a fair amount of information has surfaced regarding the next installment of The Matrix series. First, FilmForce scored a report which has some info on the cover name that the Wachowski brothers are using for the sequel (having taken a page from George Lucas who disguised Return of the Jedi as a horror flick called Blue Harvest). The Wachowskis are using "Burly Man", and have even drawn up fake posters and registered, though there's nothing there at present. The bigger news, by way of an Entertainment Weekly article, is that the title of the next film is reportedly The Matrix Reloaded. This seems quite plausible to many of the movie sites, although like them, I'd recommend you take it with a healthy dose of salt.

Jumping straight from science-fiction to science-fact, linked to an article in the Detroit Free Press about Internet 2. As sequels go, this is sounding pretty sweet. I've been hearing about Internet 2 on and off for the last few years: it basically involves upgrading the existing Net backbone with some damn fast computers. As always, we're looking at developments with a time frame of years. But the news is good, sometime within 10 years, the authorities are quoted as saying, we'll see a difference. What kind of difference? As an example, the researchers downloaded a copy of the DVD version of the Matrix. What takes 170+ hours on a dialup, 25 hours over cable, and 6.5 hours over T1 takes 30 seconds over Internet 2. We're looking at a medium that's viable for large multimedia streaming content. We're looking at a medium where we measure in Gigabytes/sec and not kilobytes/sec. I'm sure you can imagine some pretty sweet possibilities on your own, so I'll leave you to it.

And on the topic of digital multimedia, John Brooks (I have a hard time every just calling him 'John'. He's one of those guys whose first and last names exist in my head as a single unit), Jason, and I have been having an interesting conversation on the forums about the virtues of movie trailers, and whether or not they reveal too much of the actual film. Care to put in your opinion?

In other opinonated news, I've managed to immerse myself into an argument centering on that eternal question of cosmic importance: Mac vs. PC. If you know me at all, or even if you've ever heard of me, you probably know that I'm a die hard Mac pundit. So when Scott Kurtz of PVP fame put up a little post on his site giving his opinion of the galactic battle, I couldn't resist putting in my two cents (and a plug for CXM). Of course, I'm about halfway down the page by now, and the fight is still being waged. I didn't get the chance to fully air my opinions in that context, so look forward to a possible column next week (I heard you groaning!).

Have a spectacular weekend, and we'll catch up to you on Monday.

Dan Moren isn't The One, but is looking at a very comfortable life as The Two.

Quote of the Day: "The whole country is made up of people who didn't quite make it down to the boat!"
-Professor Ged Martin on Great Britain

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