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May 09, 2001

[Updated 11:34AM EDT. Thanks to Twon who noticed that the paragraph about Tony didn't quite make sense. Seems I left a quotation mark out of the URL. It should be all better now!]

It's Wednesday. The day that's pretty much devoted to me rambling, and really nothing else. I could expostulate for you on the fascinating intricacies of the life of former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, but unlike the 19th century British parliament, I have no wish to be dissolved. So instead, I treat you to the latest from the realms of obscure knowledge.

First up, in honor of my recently departed friends, I have word from none other than AICN that there may in fact be a third series to take place in the Buffy/Angel series. This series, which could feasibly appear on British as well as American television would center on the activities of Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head), Buffy's longtime Watcher, friend, and school librarian. As my Buffy-watching friends know, I am a big fan of Giles...indeed, my birthday present, compliments of Bruce and Kathryn was a simply smashing Giles action figure which I had admired. The new series, possibly entitled Ripper, would focus on "ghosts and inner demons." That's fine, as long as it has our favorite librarian kicking much demon ass.

For everybody who enjoyed Monday's strip, we have further proof of Tony's insanity. We advise you to distribute our latest wallpaper liberally around your campus, office, or home. While it has the added benefit of making CXM a household name, it also serves to familiarize people with the menace that is T$. It's also available through our extras page.

For those of you who are Harry Potter fans, I found a few pictures of the Harry Potter Legos that are forthcoming! The shots show Harry in his normal clothes, receiving his letter to Hogwarts, and Harry in his Hogwarts cloak and sweater. Very cool. On the same page you can find shots of character designs from a Harry video game, which also look excellent. All in all, it looks like they're doing a great job of character design throughout the various merchandising products. I'm looking forward to with the Legos. They're educational. Really.

Two more trailers that I think are interesting. I know I've recommended the Swordfish trailer to a few people already. I also know that Jason said he wasn't sure what the movie was supposed to be about from that. I do have an idea, but mainly because I've been following this project for the last year or so as it's been developed. The publicity for it has been fairly low key (the trailer only appeared on the Apple trailers site yesterday, and it's only been available on the web for a few weeks), given that the movie is due to come out in about a month. I'm pretty glad that the trailer, while it looks like a very typical action movie, doesn't seem to give away a lot. That's a beef that I, like many others, often have with trailers: they give away too much of a story. I could wax poetic on what the perferct trailer is, but I will spare you my rhetoric. Before I leave you, here's a trailer that could possibly give away too much of the newest Jet Li flick, Kiss of the Dragon. As our longtime readers know, Jet and the boyz are tight, so we look forward to his newest endeavor (written by Leon director Luc Besson). Drop by the forums to let us in on your opinion of the masterful Mr. Li.

We'll see you Friday with the latest in Funny.

Dan Moren has nothing further to say on the matter.

Quote of the Day: "I'm drowning here, and you're describing the water!"
-Jack Nicholson, As Good As It Gets

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