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May 07, 2001

Today's strip may make you laugh, and rightly, it should. But please, don't try it at home. Well, at least not in your home. Go to Tony's room; he won't mind. He graciously provided me with this convenient link, so that our readers could keep up to date on the latest "street terms." Man, if I'd gone out confusing my California cornflakes with my Girlfriend, I would be so embarassed. I don't think I could show my face on the street again.

I've been pretty out of touch all weekend. This is the first time I've managed to get online since Friday night. But I did get to play two frisbee games (both pickup and low key). And from them I managed to accrue a mass of injuries, including a severely scraped leg and a nice bump on the forehead from a momentary lapse in hand-eye coordination (which was better than the last time I got hit in the head with a frisbee, which was in ninth grade by a homicidal maniac). But sadly, the weekend is gone, and with it my two best friends at the good old University of Edinburgh. Even as you read this, Kathryn and Bruce are winging their way home to a nice warm summer with plenty of new American television. This is key. Fortunately, my key shows are being taped for me: Buffy, Angel, and The West Wing. I have plenty of time to play catch up over the summer too. Ahhhh....I can almost taste it now. Mmmm, fruity.

Anyway. We were intent upon watching the holy trilogy tonight, and we managed to get through A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back with only minor disruptions from certain loud people who will remain nameless, but we had only gotten about fifteen minutes into Return of the Jedi when another devious faction insisted upon removing the VCR from our posession. Wracked with guilt, I humbly submitted it to them, though it mean that I was denied the pleasure of seeing the saga through its completion. Well, there will be another chance I suppose. I mean...I do own two copies of each of them (read: I am George Lucas's bitch).

I had to link to one of my favorite comics, Avalon simply because I found that the fan comics that Josh Phillips put up on Sunday were hysterical. Or hilarious. Or perhaps even hilerical. Granted, they will make less sense to you if you're not a rabid follower like myself, but let me warn you that Avalon is potent stuff. It's taken down bigger men than goes to the very top. I think you know who I mean. It's far more potent than even a case of the base crazies. Take my word for it.

A few new trailers I'd like to bring to your attention. Firstly, if I haven't made it clear to you, I love trailers. If I have made it clear to you, then I'm very very sorry for the further pain which I've most likely inflicted on your person. I keep quite a few on my computer just for inspirational purposes (right now I have a good half a dozen). Anyway, take a peek at the new Final Fantasy move trailer, which even has a full screen 640x480 option! Beautiful stuff. Rumors are that the story is quite bland, but it's really all about the eye candy. Also, though I'm not a huge fan of the franchise, here's the trailer for Jurassic Park III. Those nasty dinosaurs are back. They've decided to throw a tea party for good old Sam word, I think, best sums up the series: carnage! You'd think by now they'd just not go back to that island.

It's quite clear that I'm losing my facility for language. I'm also about to drop off to sleep. I will leave you with those thoughts, and hope to see you back here on Wednesday. I would offer you a treat, but I have none. Very sorry.

Dan Moren thinks those poor velociraptors are just misunderstood.

Quote of the Day: "It's Sinatra don't walk out on Frank sir, it would be to disrespectful."
-Ben Foster, Liberty Heights

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