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May 04, 2001

I wouldn't suggest that you take today's strip from us if we were strangers, but since we're all such good friends, have a little peek. And fear the truth.

The CXM boyz embarked on a truly epic quest to bring you today's Funny. Mystical oracles were consulted; comic demons were worshipped; the wisest of the wise were hunted down like dogs and forced to yield their wisdom under pain of torture. When those failed, we turned to the Font Of All Knowledge, Shaun. The FOAK cleverly suggested a wacky time travel/alternate history strip, but our hero, Jason brought down upon him the wrath of God for his blasphemous suggestion, citing as evidence that well known passage of holy writ. Fleeing in terror, Shaun was heard to mutter indignantly: "Bah. Your linear time web comic lacks soul." Personally, I think linear and soulless are the perfect combination of terms to describe CXM. Those, and "unreasonably happy".

Though my birthday has just passed and I received some lovely reminders of my librarianship from my friends here in the UK, I have just figured out what I really want as I enter my third decade on the planet. So, the way I figure it, we have at least fifty regular readers; if they each chip in a perfectly reasonable sum of $10 million, I can easily acquire a full sized Gundam and bring the existing world under the dominion of my iron fist. The ability to legally consume alcohol doesn't even come close.

And fortunately, the governor has called in with a last minute pardon for the horrible crimes of the Batman franchise. I mentioned last Friday that an AICN report had confirmed George Clooney as reprising his role in the next onscreen adventure of the Caped Crusader. This information has subsequently been revealed as completely and utterly terrible for the future of the Dark Knight. Oh yeah, it's also untrue. Director Darren Aronofsky has confirmed that he and Frank Miller will be working on a project based on the Batman: Year One storyline, for which Clooney is obviously far too old. Another apocalypse thankfully averted.

In the related field of franchises and actors, there was a collective sigh from Star Wars fans last week. A contributor at AICN had viewed a test screening of an upcoming film called Life As A House starring Kevin Kline and future teen idol, Hayden Christensen. You don't know Hayden Christensen yet? Six months from now his face is going start appearing, and then his presence is going to explode exponentially as the latest installment in the Star Wars saga appears on the screen about a year from now. The good news from the AICN contributor is that unlike his predecessor in the role of Anakin Skywalker, Jake Lloyd, Christensen is actually a competent actor. It seems he may even be a GOOD actor. The aura surrounding Episode I has begun to clear even for the most die hard of fans, but things seem to be looking up for Episode II.

Since two of my very dear friends are leaving Edinburgh on Monday, we have agreed to watch all three Star Wars movies Sunday night. After that I'll do my best to get you a news post up. And perhaps even spelled correctly.

See you Monday!

Dan Moren used to bullseye womprats in his T-16 back home. They weren't much bigger than 2 meters.

Quote of the Day: "I'm not a politician, I just play one on TV - kind of like George Bush."
-Bradley Whitford

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