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April 23, 2001

This is the Funny. Straight up.

Well, it's official. All the signs and portents have predicted this, and it's finally come to pass with horrific certainty. This bodes worse than the Red Sox's decision to trade Babe Ruth to the Yankees, a curse that has lead to almost ninety years of world series losses for the Sox.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has moved to UPN.

I mean, hey, if it had been like ABC or Fox, I would have been upset, but not inconsolable. But UPN?? A network whose flagship is Star Trek: Voyager? And yet, apparently, the network has agreed to fork over $2.3 million for each episode. Where do they get this money? Is there some lucrative UPN series that has managed to fly under my radar?

Now, don't get me wrong, I loved some of UPN's first series. The deliciously twisting and impossible to understand Nowhere Man was one of my personal favorites, and I also enjoyed the light hearted sci-fi comedy of Deadly Games. But those were four or five years ago. Since then, UPN has become a haven for shows that are unsuccessful on other networks, or just plain unfunny.

Nevertheless, I will continue watching Buffy, mainly because I have faith in the creative genius of creator Joss Whedon, and his excellent team of writers. I will not let UPN ruin one of my favorite shows; I refuse. If, during this season, there is a marked decrease in the quality of Buffy, I will eat a hat. Of your choosing.

On to other important events.

The second trailer for Batman director Tim Burton's remake of Planet of the Apes is now out. If anything, this movie looks cooler with every new development. I wasn't particularly interested in seeing it before, but after the first two trailers, I find myself really wanting to watch it. I don't remember much about the original, having seen it some time ago when I was a just a wee bairn, but I remember getting freaked out when they cut out the brain of one of the other astronauts and he became a human slave. Damn scary, man!

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Dan Moren has shortened the news post compared to Friday's. Happy?

Quote of the Day: "Whether I shall ever do anything which may mark me out from the crowd I know not..."
-Benjamin Disraeli

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