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April 20, 2001

Friday's comic is hot off the presses.

You may have noticed that CXM is going through some changes. Well, there comes a time in every webcomic's life when it finds itself developing in new and exciting ways. There are content boxes where there weren't any before, colors start changing, they become bitter and jaded, things like that. Let me give you a quick rundown of our most visible novelty.

Look left. There should be a box there. As of this writing, it's yellow, but I can't say for certain that it will remain that way. This little feller has actually been in gestation for quite some time, and we're hoping it will be useful to our readers. From time to time, the guys post (mostly) written pieces on things that have caught their eye, they've done recently, or that interest them. Usually, these columns are mentioned in a news post on the day that they are released, and while that won't change, we're also providing this handy-dandy little box where you can check on the latest offerings from all four of us in one convenient, easy-to-read format.

On a related note, you may notice some information in that box that did not previously exist. For some time, we've planned to incorporate names for our columns to give each of them a distinctively different "taste", if you will. Thus, from now on we will feature the funky-fresh stylings of Tony in Digital Garbage, the sometimes coherent ramblings of Kai in Le Kommunique, the pointed social commentary of Jason in The Gospel According to Bigfoot, and thoughts off the top of my own head in The Word. We hope to do some nifty graphics for each of our column pages, but you can see what our working pace is.

As always, we welcome public feedback on all of CXM's alterations. Think something's nifty and keen or useless and fugly? Drop us a line or feel free to stop by the forums.

Now, on Wednesday I mentioned a rant by Scott Kurtz of PVP fame. Scott (do you mind if I call you Scott?) gave us his thoughts on the future of the webcomic community. Since that point, many webcomics have chosen to respond directly or indirectly to Scott's thoughts.

Having the opinions of four webcomic creators at my disposal, I decided to poll the CXM boyz on the situation.

Kai: "I don't know how large the middle ground is between small comic and large comic, and if you have a large enough readership, I think you should be able to call in favors to support yourself. Otherwise you can just post your comic and let bandwidth run out (given the regulations of a lot of the free sites, where I think basically access to your page just shuts down for the rest of the day after x amount of data is retrieved from it), or you can try posting it elsewhere, making known mirrors so that people can check alternate sites when the first one runs out of access.

As it stands, there are always alternatives, no matter how many banners there are. Besides, who are we drawing comics for, anyway? The public motivates us, but hopefully Jason draws these ultimately 'cause he likes to - same with coloring, writing, etc. Sometimes we force ourselves, but if we always have to without some enjoyable end, it's silly."

Jason: "Despite our initial pipe dreams of pocket cash through comic making, I think it's clear we're not in this for the money. We've kept at it, never missed a day, and I think it's because we like doing this, and we don't want to let anybody -- ourselves, each other, our friends, our readers -- down.

Of course, we won't be doing this forever. Sooner or later we'll have other projects we want to move onto -- I'll want to focus on other comics, Kai will want to do other things with computers, Dan will want to write other things, Tony will get that warehouse with his friends and build killer ninja robots. I say, let's do our darndest to make cool, fun comics in the meantime. Let's make every one count, as best as we can. And when we're done, we can point at it and go, 'Look, one of our crazy schemes worked.' And we will have funny things to show for it, and experience."

Dan: "We're in a different position from a lot of webcomics as we have very nice free server space that we got through Kai's status as an amateur web designer. Some might say that we have an ideal situation, because we have no costs to meet and can just focus on producing content. But currently we're all students, and at some point in the future presumably we will all have jobs. So while CXM costs us nothing financially (except for the domain name which we've all written off as an investment), it does eat substantially into our time (especially the brunt of the work which falls on Jason).

While doing a webcomic may not be my dream come true, I have had a blast working on CXM. Regardless of the fact that we make no money as we originally thought we might, I've still enjoyed it: it's put me in contact with new people, it's given me a chance to talk to a larger audience, it's helped me with self-discipline and provided me with an outlet for my creativity."

Tony was unavailable to comment.

Have a great weekend and we'll keep bringing you that CXM satisfaction starting on Monday!

Dan Moren is going to have to start shortening these news posts.

Quote of the Day: "It tells me that goose-stepping morons like you should try reading books instead of burning them!"
-Sean Connery, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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