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April 16, 2001

I wasn't supposed to be writing today's news post, but I kind of gave everyone a little scare that perhaps there would be no strip for today (but -- surprise! -- there is). I went home for Easter and I didn't really suggest to anyone that I would be back in time to draw anything and send it out to get colored. Fortunately, I managed to whip something up during work, checking IDs of visitors to the dorm downstairs for security, and Tony did the coloring "thang."

I saw a movie called Memento this past weekend. I highly recommend it. I think it might've been released in the UK last year and has just been released around here. Aside from a couple minor and probably easily overlooked plot holes, it's pretty engaging, exciting, and interesting. It really pulled me in, and the people I went to see it with (Hamed and Ina, who really ought to appear in strips sooner or later) rather enjoyed it as well.

In other personal news, I have been very busy lately getting ready to do a thesis next year (on something graphic-novel related I won't get into right now) and research for that thesis through an internship this summer at DC Comics. This will be my first time living out of state, and I hope I don't get beaten and/or serrated on the mean streets of New York. I still need to find definite housing; feel free to email me with suggestions, but I've already heard stuff like, "get a roommate," "look into college dorms," and, "hahahahaha you DON'T get housing for the summer in New York!"

All other inquiries can be sent to the CXM boyz or posted in the forums. As for me, it's time to start looking for new sneakers. And by that I mean, my old sneakers are falling apart. If you know what I mean, and I think you do. I mean, I've had these old Airwalks for something like four years. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Wait, what the heck am I talking about? Time for bed.

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