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April 13, 2001

About today's strip -- I realize that it's the second video game strip in a row. Some of our non-gamer readers were kind of confused about our Tribes 2 strip some time ago (a reference to the game's absurd lateness). I hope the caption in our last strip make the joke accessible to non-gamers, but I have a feeling it's still not as funny if you've never played a video game that involves playing until you earn your very own panda (as in Tekken 2, for example). Certainly we would love to mix things up around here in terms of content, but when our duties come crashing down upon us and we suddenly find ourselves with a very brief time to make a comic strip, we make what we have time to make (i.e., I was in a rush tonight, this strip required a lot of work in Photoshop -- which I don't deal with --, and Tony is wicked easy to draw).

I write this now from Tony's room, in the darkest and most corrupt corner of campus. Really. I work security in the dorms on campus, and unfortunate circumstances brought me from my safe and predictably boring living area this Thursday night. In my area, people come and go, cook noodles in the kitchen, watch loud television in the lounge, perhaps play some pool. In Tony's area, people caper around bonfires made of security desks ripped from walls, like some sort of joyous yet sinister ritual. They scream as they play wiffle ball outside the dorm at 2 AM. They try to hold comprehensible conversations while ridiculously drunk. It's madness here. I hope to be an RA here next semester.

A couple links for your enjoyment now:

Dance Dance Karnov: if you've heard of dancing video games like Dance Dance Revolution, and you've heard of the old 8-bit Nintendo game called Karnov, and you don't mind seeing a fat Russian man disrobing (too much), you will find this game amusing.

The Misadventures of Suede Ninja: a neat photo-comic of sorts by Matt Seabury, one of Tony's Zoo Crew. Makes me want to slay my enemies with impunity and a smile.

I don't end these posts with a quote of the day, so you'll have to deal. But while I was working security tonight, a drunk fellow saw my notebook full of sketches of the cast of Robots and Spacemen, and he commented, "I like your little people," and left. I thought that was worth sharing.

And if you have anything you think is worth sharing, I encourage you to email us.

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