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Samba De Amigo
(2001-03-13 - video game)
Silent Hill
(2001-03-11 - video game)
Planning for the GDC
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Hight Tide in Savannah GA!
(2001-03-16 - Frisbe Tourny)
Snow Sphinx!
(2001-03-05 - Snow Mayhem)
Karaoke! @ Ichiban
(2001-02-25 - Silliness)

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Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit
(2001-04-05 - Book)
Moving Pictures
(2001-04-01 - Book)
Enjoying Neutrality
(2001-03-27 - Vacation)

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Massive Sleep Deprivation
(2001-03-13 - idiocy)
Good Bye Chunky Rice
(2001-02-26 - Comic)
Shadow of the Vampire
(2001-01-28 - Movie)

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April 09, 2001

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled Dan for an emergency Tony transfusion."


Lets get this newspost started off with your recommended dosage of funny.
For those of you who don't keep up on current events, this should bring you up to speed. This shows just how on top of things we are at CXM: if something interesting happens in the news, check back four months later to see if we have a strip about it. ^_^

To tell you the truth, I don't have so much in the way of links today. A good chunk of my weekend has been occupied by Black & White. This is a truly marvelous game. Anyone who liked the old school god games like SimCity or Civilization should be sure to check this one out. I'm staying pretty much on the white side, with my benevolent simian rarely consuming villagers. Today my monkey learned to dance!

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