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April 06, 2001

[ Comic updated at 3:54 AM, PST. Sorry if the delay made any little girls cry. Or big girls, for that matter. -Kai ]

Get your weekend started right with Friday's dose of Funny.

John Brooks and I were in serious conversation the other day. As I intimated to Mr. Brooks, I would mention the topic of our conversation in today's newspost to encourage our readers to do what they could to help bring our dream to fruition.

We would like to see vocals by Filter on top of the Chemical Brothers's remix of Fatboy Slim's cover of "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

I firmly believe that if our readers can do this, they can do anything! Don't prove me wrong, I beg of you.

Plus I've got twenty bucks riding on this...

Speaking of cash, I was watching the British version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, as I am wont to do, when the following question arose: "What is the plural form of the word 'mongoose'?" I have actually wondered this many times myself, but whenever confronted with a dictionary, I've always found better things to do. Finally, once and for all, my eternal question has been resolved. I've finally determined that you will, in fact, always see two mongooses, and never two mongeese. Boy, is that a load off my back. The contestant guessed correctly, then proceeded to blow two lifelines trying to determine what was in fact the upper chamber of the United States legislature. Well, we can't all be millionaires, can we?

Well, just to complicate life, AOL Instant Messenger has decided that it doesn't like to work evenings in the UK, and has subsequently stopped. So, now I'm forced to communicate over that primitive medium of e-mail. It's just like the old days...delays of almost five to ten minutes just to get a message back. What the hell are we in, the dark ages? Seems that somebody over at AOL decided that the buddy database would be, in fact, much cooler if it was corrupted. Good to know things are progressing smoothly over at the biggest media conglomerate in the entire world. I feel much happier with my own life now.

A few new movies that I thought I'd alert your attentions to. Firstly, the long anticipated trailer for the Tomb Raider movie has arrived. This trailer reveals, aside from more action work by the fetching Angelina Jolie, that the bad guys in the movie are none other than everybody's favorite conspiracy, the Illuminati. Good to know they've still got work, we were beginning to worry they were getting on in years.

Secondly, a new movie by Frank Oz, who is perhaps better known as the man behind the mean green Jedi machine. The Score looks excellent: Robert DeNiro, Ed Norton, and, the gangster man himself, Marlon Brando. I'm really looking forward to this, and sincerely hoping that DeNiro can pull out of his latest rut with the help of rising star Norton and veteran Brando. Some day, I seriously hope to make an excellent heist movie. There's nothing quite like the feeling of pulling off a team victory...especially if you profit from it by several million dollars.

Head over to Jason's newspost on Robots and Spacemen, where he reveals why the movie was called Dead Poets Society. Having studied Wordsworth and Coleridge myself in the not too distant past, I wholeheartedly sympathize with his plight. Since I am in the UK, it would be possible to exhume these two esteemed lyricists and give them the beat down they much need. But that would be wrong....

Enjoy your weekend, and we'll see you on Monday. I will be out of town again, and so you will once again be serenaded by the nightingale's song of one of my colleagues.

Now, I've gotta go buy a shovel.

Dan Moren is a hopeless romantic poet.

Quote of the Day: "With Major Lawrence, mercy is a passion. With me, it is merely good manners. You may judge which motive is the most reliable."

-Alec Guiness, Lawrence of Arabia

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