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Shadow of the Vampire
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Updates Mondayish

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April 04, 2001

I'm not Dave Gorman. Are you?

I came across this show on British television a few nights ago, when we were flicking back and forth between the extremely broad range of programs available on our four channels (when there's nothing on, there's nothing on). The main purpose of the show seems to be that the its host, Dave Gorman, is searching for more people with the name Dave Gorman. Sounds stupid, this is true, but it's strangely amusing. Mr. Gorman's goal is to reach a magic figure between 400 and 500 mpdg, which, for the unenlightened, is "miles per Dave Gorman." This is calculated by dividing the number of miles travelled by the number of Dave Gormans found in that area. Doesn't sound like you could make a whole show out of it, does it? Well, anyway, I thought I'd lend Dave a hand. If any of our readers happen to be Dave Gormans, or know Dave Gormans, you can get it touch with Dave Gorman (the self-christened Dave Gorman #1, that is) at his website. As someone who has, out of curiosity, searched for his alter-ego only to find that he is in fact a Special Agent for the DEA, I fervently support Dave's mission and recommend you check out the site, even if you're not Dave Gorman.

The "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" madness continues. Jason pointed me towards this link, which serves only make me fear for the future of the human race. Between his 1-800-COLLECT commercials, and this movie, Mr. T is moving once again into the arena of popular culture, though I know I, for one, wish that he had found a better entrance route. Like professional wrestling.

CXM has not been idle, appearances to the contrary. Today, I subject you to an essay that I actually wrote for a class last semester about the coming Infocalypse, not to be confused with the end of the world as we know it. Those of you who are fans of the notorious Robots and Spacemen may have noticed a dearth of updates on that site, but Jason is still waiting for his new site design to kick in or for the evil forces of his college newspaper to play catch up (my apologies to any evil forces who may be reading this). However, if you are interested, he is giving away email forwards for the domain name faster than expired cheese (you get what you pay for). Apparently, I can now be reached at because it amuses him (apparently someone had already taken I have not tried out my spiffy new email address, but you are welcome to drop me a line there or at my usual address to say hi, or, as reader Derrill G. did, compliment me on my "pictures of lovely scenery and Swiss babes" (though, the babes, I must correct him, were not Swiss but American; the scenery was in fact Swiss). And remember, if the mood so strikes you, you can also email all four of the CXM boyz in one fell swoop!

For those of you left in the dark about Monday's comic, Jason summed it up in an astounding 10 words in this forum thread.

Friday will soon come, and with it more CXM strippage.

That came out wrong.

Dan Moren envies Spaced creator Simon Pegg, who did his thesis on a Marxist interpretation of Star Wars.

Quote of the Day: "You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
-Mandy Patinkin, The Princess Bride

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