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March 30, 2001

[ Being the prick that I am, I'm infiltrating Tony's news post for the purpose of promoting mine, which follows. I'm also warning that the strip's a little late today. Look for it around 4 AM PST -Kai ]

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I have the honor of filling in for the illustrious Dan today.

I'd like to start off the news by posing a question that has been the source of much debate this week: who would win in a fight, MegaMan or Samus Aran(of Metroid)? Let's see much bickering about this on the forums.

A few links for you:

Broken Saints - I dream of someday having a website this beautiful. They have an awesome flash comic as well.

Robot Arena - I've long been a proponent of all forms of robotic competition so this game looks potentially cool.

Old Man Murray - One of the funniest and least informative gaming sites out there.

Brunching Shuttlecocks - This is perhaps my favorite site ever. If you don't like this site you'd probably hate me.

I had a link to a rather interesting site that showed how to make plasma in a microwave, but it seems to have gone down. So, uh, experiment with your microwave until you make plasma, or untill you give up and just microwave a couple CDs.

I think that's enough out of me. So be good boys and girls and send us some emails, and don't forget to normalize your Eigen functions!

Quote of the Day: "We'll attack the priest; I think he's possessed by bizatches"
-Jason, context unknown.

March 30, 2001

[ Remember, folks, this is one of two posts going up today - read them both to get the secret decoder key that'll prevent ... okay, delay your imminent damnation! ]

Shaka Zulu! That there's the head of Kai!

That's right, folks. I'm back from the realm of the dead, by which I could be referring to the harrowing halls of Digipen, the dizzying wonder of the Game Developers Conference (about which I'll write more shortly), or even my bathroom, which, thanks to my roommate, is clean for the first time in known history.

What's news? Well, I could spit and hit someone who's heard about the Sega XBox deal (as followed up on in this interview), so I won't pretend that I'm breaking new ground here, but I'll offer a little color commentary by calling the move, "interesting." (apparently when I said "color" commentary, I was referring to the color grey) What I mean is that it's funny to see Sega being "platform agnostic" - their words - after being exclusive for so long. In addition, I have to wonder if this might promote a little more "agnosticism" amongst gamers. Despite our increased detached rationalism (as I perceive it), I still see a lot of people who adamantly stick to one console, preaching its virtues above all others. To steal from another popular subculture, I think we should ask ourselves: What Would Miyamoto Do? (WWMD)

Well, some of you are going to say that Miyamoto only develops for Nintendo, so that's what, according to that question, we should play. But Miyamoto lives for the game, I say. Miyamoto knows that gameplay is above any shallow conceit we may hold over the virtues of a particular system of gaming. There are different systems because we, as gamers, have different needs. We should realize that gameplay is our one ruling principle, and that all of us, as gamers, are brothers in the cosmic family, even if those with the Game Boy Advance (now available in "teriyaki" and "smoked salmon") get preferential treatment. Now let us break bread together and offer a ceremonial utterance of the Diablo II End User License Agreement.

Wow. Once that mouth opens, it has a hard time shutting. To conclude that last thought, though, I think that Sega remains a profanely cool company. To add to the list of other things that aren't news, Black & White is out, and everyone says it's the best legal fun since the yo-yo, a device whose full potential for manical - I daresay knickers-soiling - levels of entertainment oft goes unrealized by those who don't share my lobotomized propensity for enjoying repetitive action. What I'm excited about, though, is the imminent release of Dance Dance Revolution. My girlfriend already has her 3rd party dance pads, and we've been trying to get our fix temporarily by using them to get our schwerve on with Bust a Groove II. As this failed, we're considering trying them on games which you'd more naturally associate with dancing, such as Silent Hill and the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, which my roommates are reluctant to relinquish to my grabby little mitts. Shortly after that, I will ride a horse naked through a glue factory.

[ We've replaced Kai with a monkey in order to ensure a quality conclusion to this post. -Ed. ]


Monkey wishes he had a banana.

Quote of the Day: "This is 29 Acacia Road. And this is Eric, the schoolboy who leads an exciting double life. For when Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs. Eric is Bananaman. Ever alert for the call to action!"

- Narrator, Bananaman

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