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March 28, 2001

Sorry for the delay in today's news post -- I know that at least 30 people have already visited the site today to find nothing. Dan's visiting a friend in Switzerland, and there was some confusion among those of us back in the States about who would be writing the post today. If you see either Dan, Tony, Kai, or me, feel free to take a swing at us, if it'd make you feel better.

Some random tidbits:

  • If you like techno music, you should check out Gigas. They've been giving stuff away for free for a while now (like on their page at It ranges from decent to freaking awesome. If you can get your hands on them, check out the "Vampire Killer Acid Remix" (a tune which should be familiar to most readers who know oldschool Nintendo), both versions of "The Eight Devils of Kimon" (with samples from Ninja Scroll), and my personal favorite, the "Transformers Decepticon Remix." When we worked on comics over the summer and I fell asleep on Tony's futon, the only ways to wake me were to lift my leg up until I noticed, or rouse me with the Decepticon groove.

  • Just saw Enemy at the Gates, due to the high recommendations of Dan and his buddies from Cornell. The movie was kind of like a first person shooter game that had levels where you face off against a dangerous enemy sniper, always narrowly escaping, and cut scenes to advance a romance sub plot. It was pretty good, though I wasn't blown away (ha ha). This brings something interesting to mind, though -- if this movie had been made as a game instead, how would it have differed? I think the most noticeable difference would be in how well fleshed-out the characters are. (If you want to know NOTHING about this movie, read no further. Not that this is really spoiler material.) One scene in Enemy shows one character dictating a letter to another character and constantly correcting his spelling -- trying to make the other look stupid and uneducated so he can look cooler in front of a girl. This was pretty subtle and well done. Maybe stories told in games today are lacking in such subtlety and complexity of characters; maybe game companies should hire more accomplished writers to rework the basic scripts that the designers come up with in the first place. Something to think about...

  • I ran out of time and tidbits -- class in just a few and I still gotta make myself all squeaky clean -- so I'll just give you the same old lecture about emailing us with your comments or visiting our forum. We welcome that kind of thing, you know.

See you on Friday, when we'll have a new comic, a new news post, and millions in cash prizes! (I've heard that two out of three ain't bad, but I still feel like a jerk writing that.)

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