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(2001-03-07 - field trip)

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Karaoke! @ Ichiban
(2001-02-25 - Silliness)

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Enemy at the Gates
(2001-03-16 - Film)
Best in Show
(2001-03-13 - Film)
Secretive CXM Multimedia Project
(2001-03-08 - Secret)

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Massive Sleep Deprivation
(2001-03-13 - idiocy)
Good Bye Chunky Rice
(2001-02-26 - Comic)
Shadow of the Vampire
(2001-01-28 - Movie)

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Updates Mondayish

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March 23, 2001

First off, I'd like to extend my apologies for the lateness of today's news post and the absence of Wednesday's news post. Due to bad time budgeting during the week, my news post committment happened to fall by the wayside. Fear not, normal operations should hopefully resume on Monday.

Direct your attention to Wednesday's second installment of our Spring Break Sketchstravaganza. While you're at it, feel free to drop by today's third and final episode as well.

I was immensely happy to have the company of some of my best friends for the past week, and I'm really glad they could all make it! We had a great time (well, at least I had a great time, I hope they did) and I have a ton of pictures which I'll make available sometime soon! The only downside is that they've made me want to go home! Soon enough.

Today's newspost will be brief as I really have no idea what else has happened this week. Monday will see a return to my original lengthy style. Hey, no groaning!

Dan Moren is a happy camper.

Quote of the Day is on hiatus.

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