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Secretive CXM Multimedia Project
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Shadow of the Vampire
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March 16, 2001

This is not your regularly scheduled Dan. Dan may be joining us later today. Or he may not. He is very mysterious like that. Just in case, I have decided to plunge into the deep jungles of Scotland to find Dan. The plane tickets have already been bought, and I'll be leaving on Sunday. If you don't hear from us by Monday, send in someone (expendable) with a case of IBC Root Beer. In the meantime, I (Jason) will be filling in for Dan.

We wrote today's strip last summer, and I was very happy to finally get to drawing it last night. I've been trying to emulate the style of Cayetano Garza over at Magic Inkwell, one of the finest and most innovative online comics in existence, in some of my personal projects; I'd been looking forward to working a little of that feel into a CXM strip. Look! The characters have bendy arms! Like noodles! It doesn't take much to amuse me, let me tell you.

As Dan promised on Wednesday, today you learn what we have in store for you next week instead of regular strips. We'll all be off on spring break (except Dan, who'll be busy keeping me amused, which I suppose shouldn't be too hard -- see above), so we won't be doing regular strips on Monday and Friday. Instead, we're taking a hint from Penny Arcade and doing something like their E3 Sketchbook: on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you'll get a one-panel strip sketched in pencil, based on our spring break excursions. You will, of course, not be without Dan's usual witty ... um ... things he says. Yeah, he'll be writing news posts as usual, and you might even get a column if you're lucky. As for that so-called secret multimedia project of his ... well, I'd better let him unveil that. Maybe today, maybe not -- I told you he's mysterious, didn't I? And maybe we can even coax Tony into uploading the CXM wallpapers he's been working on to the Extras section soon...

Don't forget that Kai's going to be at the Game Developer's Conference in San Jose, CA in just a few days, and he needs your help in not making a fool of himself! Aside from the obvious things you can do (like sending him little email reminders to put on underwear before pants), you can tell him what YOU want to know about the video game industry. He'll be writing about his experiences at the conference and what pearls of wisdom he can glean from professional game developers; feel free to suggest questions for him to ask or things you'd like to know more about by mailing him or posting in this forum thread.

And somehow, much to the surprise of all, I quite abruptly ran out of things to say.

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