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Best in Show
(2001-03-13 - Film)
Secretive CXM Multimedia Project
(2001-03-08 - Secret)
(2001-03-02 - Film)

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Massive Sleep Deprivation
(2001-03-13 - idiocy)
Good Bye Chunky Rice
(2001-02-26 - Comic)
Shadow of the Vampire
(2001-01-28 - Movie)

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March 14, 2001

It's Wednesday here on CXM, and that means that we have stuff for you. Yes, I know that's not very descriptive! As an advance warning, today's news post is going to be short because a) I don't have a lot to talk about off the top of my head and b) I have an exam on Thursday that I really must study for. Oh, if you know anything about Islamic History, please, mail me.

On Monday, Lee Slone of web comic Graphite Stage was kind enough to drop a link to us, so I thought it only fitting that I do the same. Lee brands CXM as "Definitely [his] kind of humor." We're glad you're happy Lee, we'll try to keep up the good work. Take a minute to head over to Graphite Stage and let Lee know what you think.

Okay...I'm going to be embarassed, I know. I was going to unveil the secretive CXM multimedia project today, but with exams and other pressing issues, I did not have time to solicit as much feedback as I wanted from the CXM team on size and quality of the project. Rest assured that it will make its appearance within the next week. My apologies for all of you who came today in the desperate hopes that your need would be sated!

In addition, I thought I'd just drop the word that since Kai, Tony, and Jason will all be away from their abodes next week, there will not be regularly scheduled strips. I, however, will be in Edinburgh, so I should be able to provide you with newsposts (though, since I will have guests including the inimitable Jason, I can't promise that they will be of their usual length (hey, don't look so happy). We're investigating the possibility of providing you with some form of entertainment next week, and I'll let you know on Friday what we'll have for you!

Until Friday then!

Dan Moren is having trouble keeping straight the Umayyids, the Abbasids, the Fatimids, the Buyids, the Ayyubids, and the Jackson Five.

Quote of the Day: "To think that in some countries these dogs are eaten."
-Fred Willard, Best in Show

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