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March 09, 2001

Want to see what video games could do to you? Check out today's strip.

Seriously, Kai does get really into his video games (just take a look at the sidebar there, you'll see what I mean). But what do you expect from a guy whose major is video games. Tony is likewise a big player in the video game department. I, personally, don't tend to play that much (partially because there is still a dearth of good games for the Mac), but when I do sit down, it's usually to a few deathmatchs of Q3A or, my personal favorite, Rogue Spear. There's nothing like sitting in the middle of a a maze infested with terrorists, and waiting as about a dozen of them charge you and you're forced to wield a shotgun due to the sheer volume of baddies. Ahh, many a long night have I spent, my sniper skills put to the test against particularly deadly foes. The real reason I love Rogue Spear is the emphasis on team play; deathmatch can get antagonistic among my friends, but when we play together, we have more fun. See, video games can bring us closer together!

The smarty-pants who runs Apple's PR campaign has done it again. The latest commercial about Apple's new MP3 player, iTunes, is chock full of musical personae from across the genres. There's one particular part which made me laugh too, but perhaps it was just me. Check it out, it won't take long. I used iTunes for a while when it first came out, but after much experimenting, I decided to go back to my trusty SoundJam MP, which was slightly less buggy. I'm optimistic about future versions of Apple's player, but since I lack a CD burner, that large portion of the program is useless for me. But my next computer will definitely have one (I can't believe I'm thinking about upgrading my computer already), and so I'll be checking it out again down the road.

Now on to another one of my favorite topics! Since I've covered the Mac news for today, that can only mean it's time for a Star Wars update. And sure enough, thanks to the Star Wars Insider, the official fan magazine, we have our first picture of Ian McDiarmid as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine in the forthcoming Episode II. I'm fully convinced Episode II will blow The Phantom Menace out of the water; this picture has only reinforced my faith in Uncle George. It looks like there doing a good job of bridging the gap between our friendly neighborhood Senator Palpatine in Episode I and our deviously evil Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi. Only fourteen months left to go! Head over to the Forums to voice your opinion on the next installment (or, for that matter, the previous installments of the Star Wars saga).

While you're in the forums, check out my post about the dangers of living in England, and feel free to contribute your own geographical perils. Is nowhere safe?

Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to see us on Monday for a never before seen strip. Maybe I'll drop some hints on the secret CXM multimedia project. Maybe not.

Dan Moren is afraid the deflector shield will be fully operational by the time your friends arrive.

Quote of the Day: "In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns."
-Angelo Infanti ,The Godfather

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