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Shadow of the Vampire
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32 Stories: Optic Nerve Mini Comics
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February 26, 2001

Today's strip features the long-lasting and virtually indestructible nature of the relationship between myself and Jason. But it basically boils down to violence. Ahh, the sad impact of television, movies, and comics on the lives of today's young people. No place is it more visible than CXM!

So you know Dr. L is pretty much gone? This hurts me! We'd grown to love Michael and Jeff not just as people, but also as pretty much immobile cartoon figures. With their wacky hijinks and frighteningly adorable supporting characters, Dr. Lobster and Steve (followed by Dr. Lobster (Steve Died), and Dr. Lobster (Zombie Steve)) were a thrice weekly ray of sunshine, bringing joy and laughter into the lives of all that read them. When they made sense. But alas, Michael and Jeff have moved on; they've fulfilled the web comic's dream; they've sold out. But all is not lost! Some vestige of what we have lost in Dr. Lobster lives on in the newly-founded Gamer Hotties. Check it out, and tell Michael we sent you. He'll think it's funny. Really.

I've been reading Neobaka. It's very interesting, and I really like the art style (being the anime fan that I am). I suggest you check it out. Plus the guy who writes the news there is named Dan too! Rule! The real highlight of the site for me is the archives from the original inspiration for the current strip, which was a strip that they did called "Roommates no baka." If you check out the bottom of the Goodies page at Neobaka, they have the original nine strips, some of which are really really funny. Check them out, and feel free to drop our names there too! I don't think they know us, but hey, if you like it, tell 'em where you heard about them. I think this was my favorite.

If, by some freakish act of God which should be the only thing which could have prevented you from viewing it, you missed Friday's Penny Arcade strip then check it out now. And find out why I'm prancing with glee and making fun of my friends. Even though I don't actually have the device in question, I feel vindicated in general. Woo hoo! Feel free to retaliate in the forums.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the latest picture that "Uncle George" has released from Episode II, what the hell are you waiting for? This one is a pretty nice picture of two gentlemen, one of whose initials is B.F. I'll let you figure out which one. Every picture I see makes me drool just a little bit more in anticipation. A year and three months to go still. Wonder if there's a countdown clock out there yet...probably. My goal?

My man Jason has jury duty on Friday, but in the meantime he wanted to say that the Robots and Spacemen site is in the process of being redesign by our very own DJ K-lishus. No word on when the design is scheduled to appear, but I suggest you visit R+S every Tuesday and Thursday in order to be among the first who wil know.

I mentioned Duality on Friday, but I'm not actually going to be talking about it today. I think it will be addressed in my weekly column on Wednesday, so be sure to check in then.

Dan Moren set up us the bomb.

Quote of the Day: "All your base belong to us."
-Too freaking weird to credit.

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