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February 23, 2001

Friday! Friday! Rejoice with me in today's brand new, never before seen, madness-inducing strip!

How are you? Excellent! Good to hear it. I'm kinda psyched myself because tonight I will be heading to see Finding Forrester which has just opened here in the UK. I desperately wanted to see this flick while I was home in the US, but circumstances conspired against me; I just didn't have time before I left. As my friends know, Sir Sean Connery is my favorite actor (and according to Brian, I do a pretty bad impression) — I've even been in the room where he was knighted, though sadly, I was about a year too late. Put the illustrious Sir Sean together with a movie about writing, and I am very much there. In this case, there happens to be the movie theatre down the street from me, where, at about 9:30 GMT tonight, I will be enjoying some Connery goodness.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm excited.

Steve and I may have to have words. I know, it's sad, but this time comes in every relationship. Mr. Jobs (as I may have to call him from now on) has had the temerity to introduce a set of new iMacs, with some...uh...psychedelic (I think I spelled it correctly this time, mom) new patterns. Having not seen them in person, I will reserve judgment, but my initial impressions are mixed. I, personally, would not buy one, but one of my kitchen mates here (a self-professed Mac fan) was openly coveting a "flower power" model. I'll stick to my sleek black PowerBook, if you don't mind. In other news, Jobs also announced that nVidia's next generation graphics chip, the GeForce 3, would make its first appearance in the Mac. Pretty good news for Mac gaming enthusiasts. In only about two years, the Mac has become a more than viable gaming platform. If only the developers would catch up. Anyways, head over to Apple to check out the new models' specs and groovy new stylings.

News has been circulating a lot on the Star Wars DVD front recently. Sources agree almost unilaterally that The Phantom Menace will appear on DVD in time for this holiday season. Lucas's original intentions were to release all six movies on DVD after Episode III was finished. Many fans complained about this, as it would mean that we wouldn't see digitally delightful discs of our favorite movies until 2005 at the earliest. This presents a conundrum for our intrepid newsposter: do I buy TPM on DVD when it comes out this winter, or do I wait until all six make their appearance? There is a certain appeal to having a nice boxset, with six matching copies; TPM is also probably my least favorite of all of the Star Wars movies, so I don't feel a particularly huge desire (as I already own a widescreen copy on VHS). If it was the original trilogy (or as I call it, Holy Writ), I might feel differently. And there is always the possibility that the subsequent boxset would contain more extras, and I wouldn't want two copies of TPM on DVD, that's for sure. Although, there's also rumors that this year's DVD would include something on Episode II. As you can see, I'm facing a major dilemma. Feel free to add your two cents in the forums, if you think you can assist me in my quandary.

Speaking of the not-yet-award-winning forums, I have yielded to "popular" demand and instated a Music forum for those of you who felt it was sorely lacking. I hope you drop in and christen the new board with some insightful comments about the current musical scene (or just post random stuff, as we seem to do everywhere else! :).

Some news I picked up on AICN today: there is a new Battlestar Galactica series planned to air sometime soon. The creative team behind it is none other than Bryan Singer and Tom DeSanto, the dynamic duo who brought us last summer's blockbuster comic book adaptation, X-Men. Singer and DeSanto will executive produce and Singer will direct the pilot episode if it doesn't conflict with X-Men 2, which he has recently been officially signed to direct. I, of course, wasn't around during the original series run, but I've caught a few episodes in the last few months, and I'm impressed with the technology they show for the time (we also saw a special on the Sci-Fi channel one night while we were working in the TonyCave..."here Muffet, here Muffet...kinda makes you wanna kill a Cylon..."). I think a new series could fly, and Singer appears to be committed to being faithful to the original. I'm looking forward to it as one of many new series that I intend to check out, along with Anne McCaffrey's Pern series and the new Star Trek pilot, both scheduled to hit the small screen this fall.

I really wanted to talk about Duality, but I've already kind of exceeded my length today. I hope to address some comments about it on Monday or Wednesday of next week (perhaps in my column). Until then!

Dan Moren is ready for his close-up.

Quote of the Day: "Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot."
-Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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