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Updates Mondayish

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February 19, 2001

How many times has today's strip happened to you? Whew. I can't count the number of times it's happened to us. And really, it's just plain embarassing.

Welcome back to Monday! I'm actually up early this morning, because as those of you who are early morning visitors will attest, I didn't do my usual news update the night before. I won't get into the reason for this, as really nobody wants to know. But better late than never, I'm still here to dish out the latest for you.

A lot of people wonder about my ability to accurately report the "news." Truth be told, it doesn't work very well, because I'm in Greenwich Mean Time (5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time), and as everybody knows, nothing ever happens in GMT. Everything interesting that happens is in PST or EST. So, if I'm gonna report the news, it's gonna be late, because I have to wait for things to filter from US time to UK time. Unfair? Certainly. Unimportant? Probably true.

I grabbed a link to this report over at It seems the University of California president, crazy man that he is, wants to drop the SAT requirement for entrance to the university! Needless to say, people are up in arms over this all over the— hey wait, doesn't that guy own the company that makes the SAT?

I wholeheartedly support the measures to get rid of the SAT. I've been thoroughly convinced ever since we started being subjected to standardized testing that the SAT measures absolutely nothing but your ability to take the SAT. The knowledge that it requires bears little or no resemblance to the actual material that is studied in most schools. Proponents of the SAT argue that we need a standard system for measuring everybody; grades to them are too variable. Grades are variable, this is true. But you have to accept that for the most part, they tend to overlap. While an A at one school might be a B+ at another school, rarely is it a D. And, if we take it further than that, even different teachers at the same school grade differently. There is and will never be a standard for this. As for the SAT as being some sort of "fair standard", that's utter BS. Because people who have the money to take SAT prep courses tend to do better than those who don't. The SAT at the very least needs to roll with the times, and adapt their material to better reflect what is taught in schools (which I assure you is not analogies and oooh sentence completions). If they can't do that, I say trash 'em.

We're due to hit 1500 unique hits sometime today. Thanks for everybody's support over the past few months while we've be getting on our feet. I promise you lots more CXM action to come. We're working to finish up the last few sections of the page soon, and that'll include some sweet extras for all of our readers! Look forward to it.

We'll catch you on Wednesday with columns!

Dan Moren thinks the SATs are a load of _______ that should be thrown in the _______.

Quote of the Day: "First: that was close. She nearly caught you! Second, and this is far more're talking to yourself in the mirror again. Really bad sign."
-John Lynch, Sliding Doors

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