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February 16, 2001

Friday, February 16th 2001. A day that will live in infamy.

I'm not exactly sure why, but good sources have assured me that it will, in fact, live in infamy. Maybe it's because of today's strip.

Believe it or not, today's strip does actually bear a connection to Monday's strip. To shed some light on that, I excerpt for you the following e-mail conversation between the CXM Boyz (though namely Jason and myself).

Email #1:

Does it bother anyone else that the first women to appear in this strip

are only part of a fantasy?



Email #2:

Actually, I feel that that reflects pretty accurately on our lives...


So, as you can see, today's strip clearly reflects that fact. Additionally, I personally felt it made a great ending to the week containing Valentine's Day, or as Jason calls it, "Single Awareness Day" (for those of us who are without significant others). I think it's ironic that the acronym for that is SAD. Somehow, I'm not sure it was thought up by single people...

I believe my brain needs a recharge. It gets that way towards the end of the week, you know? Like you should pull out some jumper cables, attach them to your ears and your car battery and give it a run (disclaimer: CXM does not take responsibility for overcooked brains that may result from people stupid enough to listen to this suggestion). For a while, I honestly couldn't remember what I did today. I vaguely have a recollection of being in class for about an hour, but I'm not sure I was wearing pants (to clarify, in case any other U.K. residents are tuning in, that means trousers, not underwear...I'm pretty sure I was wearing underwear).

I have, surprisingly, nothing else really interesting to tell you. Oh wait...two things, both on the anime related front. Anime on shed some interesting like on the forthcoming Akira release. It seems that Pioneer is releasing two editions (double double your refreshment, bizatch). One will be mostly standard fare, the other will be a double disc Deluxe edition with plenty of tasty extras for those of you who need your fill of Neo Tokyo (it's about to E X P L O D E!).

Number two on my news list is an item from AICN's anime report (which is actually written by Scott Green, a U-Mass alum and a friend of Tony). It sheds some news on the forthcoming movie of Cowboy Bebop (an anime series we have all thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, I think Kai has absconded with my DVDs). Seems a lot of the stuff was culled from the Japanese site, so the translations are some what sketchy, but there are some links to interesting designs and some plot info. For those of you who know the series, it does not takes place after episode 26. Check out the full report here.

That's it for Friday's edition of CXM. Check us out on Monday when we once again assault your visual senses!

Dan Moren has got his stuff together...okay: 3...2...1, let's jam.

Quote of the Day: "LOVE AND PEACE!"

-Vash the Stampede, Trigun

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